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  1. I have been having problems trying to connect to AOL over the last few weeks. Anyone else having problems ?
  2. Brandi De Frank appeared on the Sweeney as a stripper. In the episode entitled "Supersnout" First shown on 15/9/75 Brandy must be in or around 60 now ! Wonder if she's still on the circuit ? Cheers Chris
  3. I remember one of the strippers who performed on one Saturday Lunchtime appeared on the SWEENEY the following week - as a stripper of course.
  4. Tickets for New Years Eve at The RANK were like gold in the early years. Best memory was going to see The SMALL FACES perform in the late Sixties. They were only on for about an hour but they were brilliant - with Steve Marriot in fine form.
  5. Chas and Dave have called it a day - today. Is my mind going or did they actually appear at The Sheffield Show one year. I seem to recall RABBIT booming across Hillsborough Park - must be a few years back. Was anyone there ? Cheers Chris
  6. Yes I agree the Juke Boxes fascinated me as a kid. There was so little pop music played on radio that it was often the only way of hearing the latest releases. Cheers
  7. Anyone with memories of this coffee bar down Hillsbro. Can just remember going in with my parents on Sat mornings back in Sixties. Did they have a juke box - or was that another place in the area ?
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