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  1. Was it at the foot of Patmore Rd? If so in the 70's wasn't one of the barmaids called Pam , her husband was Roger
  2. From my informant:- Have you looked at :UK outward passengers on ships departing UK from 1890-1960 orFind my past for British citizens 1851-1903 For US search libertyellisfoundation.org/passenger/www.familysearc.org/wiki and scroll down to country you are searching in clicking Emigration&Immigration. Our Ralph paled on with a lad called Rowley Hawkes and he seems to think that he new someone from the Russells.? Try asking for info on Sheffield Forum , Anyone from Grimesthorpe Part 3,
  3. Godfrey Edition Ordnance Survey map Sheffield (North) 1905 is very detailed. Cyclops Street is at top right . Sorry I am unable to reproduce it for you. (Yorkshire Sheet 294.04) Printers address :- Peterson Printers , 12 Laygate, South Shields, UK
  4. It was certainly around in the 50's, the above seems to make sense. May be it could be connected to door to dor salesmen knocking to drum up customers?
  5. Flying plank at the breakers (shudders before reversing) Looks like early 1900's or the 30's in Sheffield !!!!!
  6. Same for us, although dad had a gramophone in there, boy was I in trouble when I broke any of his 78's. Most visits in there were to put a shilling in the meter.
  7. There was a farm near Huddersfield where lived a cow that wouldn't yield the reason why it wouldn't yield was it didn't like it's udders feeled
  8. RE Worship??? My wife is a Worsnop, from Hunsley St
  9. This was a game we played in the 50's, also known as Jimmy Knacker, tough game , look it up.
  10. We made them from clay , shaped like a house brick but hollowed out. Holes were punched in the side to let air through, Same idea for fuel , blow in hole to get started. Used long enough baked the clay
  11. I believe Grimesthorpe comes under the parish of St Thomas, I lived on the road that the Hallcar was on and we had to get permission from them to be married at All Saints. Some of the old sheffield maps show a boundary line up Carwood turning right on Grimesthorpe with a line going off up Osgathorpe to Barnsley road presumably for Fivale.
  12. Try Picture Sheffield,ask for Verdon St, photo s20202 + 4 others
  13. If i'm right, one the western boundaries of Grimesthorpe is Carwood road and the westside is in Pitsmoor and the east side is in Grimesthorpe which would then qualify the Hallcar Tavern, but as my wife will tell you I've been wrong before. As an after thought this might take out the Corner Pin
  14. Actually it was the River Don Inn on the opposite corner
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