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  1. Try Picture Sheffield, not exactly what you want but photos ref# s16513, s51614 & s25323 are from mid '60'S
  2. As I said, here are the pubs that were at some time licensed to my bygone relatives. The primary person was my great grandad Henry Harrison , he and his wife were married whist in service to Thomas Firth ( you've heard of him) as a groom and household duties .Their first pub was The Grapes , Trippet Lane in 1899then as follows:- Royds Inn Attercliffe Rd about 1909 Beer house 21 Adsetts St (maybe Albion ?) Alexandra, Carlisle St East, 1918-1924. The license was then passed on to one of my grandads until it was again transferred to my grandmother Clara until around 1942. Hallcar Tavern ( also known as Hudson Arms) grandma Clara 1942 Sheffield Arms, Joseph H Harrison, brother of Clara Harrison 1923-1939 I always knew my father lived in a pub but was surprise to find he was born at the River Don Inn (1916) ,Janson and Brightside lane which I passed many times as I word at E.S.C , at all three sides, doing night shift at what was called the New Shop behind the pub. There is a chance in 1944 the Robin Hood (Grimesthorpe Tavern), 46 Ellesmere Rd was also connected to our family but as yet to be confirmed. I had to pass the Hallcar every time I left home, there was no other way, It often took an hour to get to the bus stop at Carwood Rd. Every other Friday night I used to meet with a workmate in the Sheffield Arms for a game of snooker in the late 70's early 80's but I regret to say that I never went in the Alex, for me that is a big mistake. '"
  3. If they are as Irish as the family I am tracking, it's probably over 250 years ago.
  4. Of course it has a connection to Grimesthorpe, His family lived in the Alms houses that were around Bland , Adsett & Carlisle St East and he was born there. His sister Rosetta is a big deal in our research , even though the family knew her very well her early life and family were difficult to track. She had a shop on Grimesthorpe Rd up by Margate street and later lower down at #770. My wife's family lived on Cyclops, Botham & Hunsley Street from the 1890's and I was hoping that maybe someone in the Allen family still took a look at this thread and could help.
  5. That' not unusually in years gone by, especially in the late 1800's -early 1900's, All work, no car , candle or gas light, no tv, not much radio but plenty of pubs . What else is there to do that that will make you grit your teeth and put a smile on your face. You need solid leads to trace someone , you can't just investigate every name that's the same , there has to be a reasonable chance you're heading in the right direction . I realise that this family were located in the general area of the one William Allan's parents lived, but so were many others. What would be nice if one of these people has read this thread and could help. Us
  6. I I've gone as far as I can to get closer to this person but unable to make any progress , so I will move onto something else . Next is to put together a list of the pubs in the family, some you will know. Thanks for trying it, is appreciated Regards Beezerboy
  7. Sorry I don't know but would have been about 1920
  8. Not him , the father is George, Allan, mother Emma (nee Hall), from Alms Houses they move to Newall Rd then Sanderson St. William was the youngest of a large family , the next younger one was Ernest who married a May Holmes (also from Cyclops St I think)and ended up in Aston.
  9. Thanks ,moves like like that happened a lot in those days, I will certainly check to see where it leads. Nice try but unfortunately he is actually age 49. Thanks again. There is also a William Allan in Tiverton boarding with another Sally Ann man but doesn'tseem to help.
  10. Can anyone help , I am doing some Ancestry of the relations and one person has me stumped. He born at the Alms houses on Carlisle St in1893 and had moved to Newhall Rd by 1901 and does not show with family on the 1911 census at age 18. His name is William Allen, father George, mother Emma Hall and nearest born brother Ernest married a May Holmes and lived and died (1965) in Aston. He was along time member of the Salvation Army becoming a Brigadier and Liaison officer in London. Wife's name unknown but we believe they had two daughters, Christine and Ruth (could be adopted by them) He moved further south and lived in the Worthing area. We know he survived post1966 because we have a postcard he sent from a visit to Jerusalem with their names on. His brother Herbert and wife Nellie lived at 46 Cyclops St at least to 1939 Any help or clues would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
  11. If you know anyone who has a copy of Alan Billam's book "Grimesthorpe|", you'll find the map on page 96.
  12. Sorry , still unable to send map with Ludlow St but this should give good lay out of Petre St Huts and Munition St http://freepages.history.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~exy1/maps/Sheffield_parishes_north.jpg Hope it works.
  13. The chicken from across the road.
  14. I only knew my wife's family and couple of her friends. She doesn't know them either, this was all back in the '60's.
  15. I've been in Canada for 40 years and I can remember it . I used that bus stop for years as I married a girl just down Hunsley St. Got to admit the map helps a lot.
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