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  1. If you know anyone who has a copy of Alan Billam's book "Grimesthorpe|", you'll find the map on page 96.
  2. Sorry , still unable to send map with Ludlow St but this should give good lay out of Petre St Huts and Munition St http://freepages.history.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~exy1/maps/Sheffield_parishes_north.jpg Hope it works.
  3. The chicken from across the road.
  4. I only knew my wife's family and couple of her friends. She doesn't know them either, this was all back in the '60's.
  5. I've been in Canada for 40 years and I can remember it . I used that bus stop for years as I married a girl just down Hunsley St. Got to admit the map helps a lot.
  6. That's right, from the camera at top of Moss Street to Botham St where the clock was on the left Is LUDLOW STREET
  7. I have a Godfrey Edition ordnance survey map map Sheffield (North) 1905. It is extremely detailed covering Pitsmoor and Grimesthorpe all along Carlisle St East. Unfortunately I am unable to add a photo from it to this comment but I can assure you that Ludlow Street was the last piece of the extended Petre St. This a picture of it. Back to results Previous image Next image Zoom image Map Print Ref No: u01147 Title: Petre Street with the junction of Botham Street, Grimesthorpe Location: Sheffield_Grimesthorpe Link:
  8. You'll find that in the early 1800's the Brightmores were settled in Brinsworth and Chapeltown , In the 1860 there a few in Pitsmoor , Spital Hill area. I,ve got one here in Canada. One good way to find them is the Sheffield indexes burials, marriages etc:- Check in same grave
  9. Can"t seem to get away from you. My first house was just up the road on Clifton Crescent. ( no offence intended ), close to the Parkway roundabout.
  10. I think you'll find Grimesthorpe ends at Carwood Lane , Carwood Rd is in Pitsmoor. So that means the Hallcar Tavern was in Grimesthorpe and Sedan St is in Pitsmoor.
  11. Doing some Ancestry, has anyone heard of Moses St and Clay St,, they may be in the Attercliffe or Bright side areas the way the family is playing out. Just like to see .
  12. Sorry ,I don't know that name, but the there was a shop on the corner where the gas lamp is (Botham St) and another on the corner of" Ludlow St" and Hunsley St. Between these was a covered bus stop The shop down Hunsley St at Ruthin St was Sutcliffe's in the 60's.
  13. Ludlow St ran from top of Moss street from Hunsley St all the way to Botham St here the clock was on a corner street light post. This was there because this was the terminus for the #34 bus that had to turn down Hunsley St a bit, then reverse up past Moss street to return to town. Note huts in background on Petre St Foreground was Ludlow St Back to results Next image Zoom image Map Print Ref No: u01147 Title: Petre Street with the junction of Botham Street, Grimesthorpe Location: Sheffield_Grimesthorpe Link:
  14. Mid 60's The mother was getting off (between the two corner shops on Ludlow St, top of Moss St) where the clock was as I was getting on to go towards town. She was in a state of undress with eyes that could no see. Not a pretty sight before bedtime
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