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  1. Just people make me angry ? when they speak verbal pooh lol
  2. I'm having at rant today ! So I apologise.... For the last month I've been applying for jobs as a support worker to working in a warehouse and don't seem to get the jobs ? I've even tried to get a cleaning job and still no luck, all because I've been a stay at home mom to 3 kids for the last 13 yrs now my kids are at full time school. I sooo want to work but no one will give me a chance ... You get looked down on if your on benefits and you still get looked down on from employers so its a no win situation ..employers seem to think your just a bum but anyone who's a stay at home parent will tell you its not as easy as you think!! anyone got any ideas what to do
  3. I have 21 tattoos from my foot , back of my thighs, calves.. chest, arms ,hands ...don't think I'd ever have an on my face or neck ... But I think I look damn HOT LOL... I don't like to see ppl with tacky ones hopefully gonna have some lyrics tattoo on my ribs soon.... So yeah get sum more x
  4. hiya does anyone know of ray & Ann Wilson from Chesterfield I know of two daughters Dawn,Debbie I've been told that they live on coniston road I've called to the address given but the house was empty, please any info would be greatfull
  5. so how many is going to carboot on the the 3rd of April ?? i love the carboot getting there early getting all the bargains .. seeing friendly faces i cant wait:D
  6. Thank you all for your advice I REALLY DO APPRICIATE IT !!!
  7. now that my children are at school, im hoping to start a cleaning business.. 7 days a week if possible.. i have worked at Northern General Hospital and other cleaning companies, i really need this to work out so if anyone with info to help me, would be brilliant many thanks
  8. Hiya does anyone know of Iris leachman? Mother of Harry and June living on the Manor area ... once lived on Clun St, Pitmoor... Also Cathleen Jones From Pitsmoor...
  9. i know a d.j who i had and he a variety of mixed tunes really good i thought i'll inbox ya his fone num ,
  10. i would give mind a call.. i know someone who's tryed them an seem to give good advive failing that have a look in thompsons fone book an yellow pages .. there is sum help line num in them hope ya get sum sopport
  11. Ive been going to andrew needam dentist behind the flying fish on sicey for at least 10-15 yrs.For me he was the best who made feel comfortable..... we built up a trust with him i gave him a hug every time i went.. Then about 2wks ago some jumped up little jobsworth go's an closed the surgery due to the building not having a disabled toilets... a member of my family is half way through having there teeth out and mr needam is not allowed him to finish patients he's started onnn due to the stress mr andrew needam is under they have forced him to retire
  12. Got a text today from british gas saying not to buy illegal electricity .apparentley someones door knocking selling electric .if you do get a call from them to call british gas stright away
  13. well for anybody interested. i had my hair shaved on friday for the charity event and it was a brilliant nite.an a big thank you to ppl who joined in . so far we've raised £600 need to collect rest of sponser money,
  14. Im very good at scrounging . At the moment im trying to raise money for st luke and mcmillan. soo ive been calling into shops at meadowhall ,meadowhall retail park , hillsborough , firth park, supermarkets and i dont mind saying myself we got some gooood gifts for the raffle soooo im sure i could manage it again if needs be. i will check out the links thanks
  15. At christmas time when im sat with my family in the warmth and a nice dinner an gifts i cant help thinking of the less fortunate ones living on the streets.And for the last few yrs ive always said i want to help feed the homeless by making food and sending it to the cathedral. so i was just hoping if someone on here knows. How to go about getting it sorted. thanks
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