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  1. Hi enquiring for a friend (male, 25). New to Sheffield (at Hallam) guitarist and music lover...but on a course without any similar minded people!! Not doing music, but missing it! Looking for a new house share, but also, looking for others in the same boat who fancy the Leadmill or Harley. Not seeing the best of the City at the moment...such a shame! Really appreciate your time. All ideas/advice welcome for how to get more involved when you're pretty much a Billy no mates! Lol
  2. Can you have your eyelashes tinted as well as having your brows threaded/tinted at Superdrug Meadowhall?? Thanks all x
  3. Help! Need a Geography tutor for GCSE help. Crookes area. Thank you!
  4. We passed a few fire engines and police cars on West Bar yesterday morning and wondered what had gone off?
  5. Wanting your recommendations dog lovers for reasonable rate loving kennels for a week during the summer holidays. Parents unable to look after this year due to increasing bad health. Never been left before so a bit wet behind the ears and a little nervous! All advice appreciated (ie can they stay together, are they exercised etc etc) many thanks all x
  6. Walked in and walked out. Full of ten bob millionaires and the free membership card - well, how very Matalan!!
  7. Lol! Yes, so true! (The racket). Thanks for your lovely message and advice. x
  8. My son trying to get into the great music scene that Sheffield has (to watch and learn, he's not trying to be signed!!), but is only 13 (bless!). Heard on the grapevine that there's stuff for under 14's on at the Leadmill?? Anyone know anymore? He's a drummer All advice appreciated. Thanks! Henry's lovely mum.
  9. Our border terrier, Archie is eight, and unable to be walked off a lead as he suffers from nervous aggression and would attack another dog if off it. He's a wonderful dog and family pet and is very much loved! We just want to enjoy our walks with him and at the moment it is near on impossible. Any help or advice for socializing a dog of this age would be most welcome! He has been neutered and it's not made any difference. Kathy x
  10. Needing some inspiration! Want to buy my dad who's a retired joiner, a good quality penknife for his 80th birthday. Recommendations please! Thank you x
  11. So very pleased for you. If you can help me track down Diana I'd be really grateful! Where did you find Valerie?
  12. Valerie and Alan Senior and Diana and Alan Juniorr lived on Loxley View Road, Crookes, Sheffield 10 during the 70's to early 80's. Alan Martin was a builder and moved the family to Ingoldmells when Diana and Alan were about 11 and 13. Diana is working at a primary school in Sheffield as an assistant cook (all details I have found out from Friends Reunited) so the Local Authority for schools may be able to track Diana (Clarke as she is now) down for you. She has a child of about 9 I think. To my knowledge, Alan and Valerie are still in Ingoldmells or Skegness. The Punch Bowl pub and in particular the working mens club in Crookes may have some regulars who remember Valerie and Alan from thirty years ago and may even have had a forwarding address - they frequented the pub/club regularly from memory. I think they lived at 51 (?)Loxley View Road in Crookes and the couple that bought their house still live there. They may even have a forwarding address for where they went to in Ingoldmells. It's the first town house on the left after rows of terraced housing, with a porch on the front. You would be able to find it. Good luck! If I can be of any more help, please get in touch x
  13. Hi there. I used to live opposite Diane Martin (now Clarke) in Sheffield, and i'm also trying to contact her as we were very close friends when we were children, up until them moving to the East Coast when we were about twelve or thirteen. Diane is on Friends Reunited so you may be able to make contact through that site, although so far I haven't had a response simply because I don't think she logs on to Friends Reunited that often. All the details you have listed seem correct, with Alan (younger brother) living now in Northampton somewhere. Good luck with your search, and if you get anywhere, please let me know on here! Many thanks. Katherine x
  14. Really need to sort out my border terrier! He's a lovely dog but hates other four legged critters and is taking the pleasure out of walking him!! He would really benefit from a socialisation class (rather than just dog training) If anyone has any ideas how to stop my walks being so hellish please let me know! Cheers guys x
  15. Center Parcs at Sherwood Forest. Very dog friendly, lovely walks and nice accommodation. Overpriced massively (to keep the rif raf out I think) but if you book last minute and can avoid school holidays you should get a bargain. They do a friday to monday or a monday to friday break. Lovely indoor pool, spa and places to eat too. Happy hunting!
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