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  1. If you think the layout of Bed is bad, you wanna try Space in Leeds, thst just pure comical and that place really does require Air Con. Granted though, Bed does need the refurb if thats what the closure is all about...
  2. The Mcdonalds at Drakehouse has to be the worst by a country mile. I have been three times to the drive through and one of the times I had to wait 20 minutes because they had forgotten my order and thought I had left, even though I was sat parked in one of the grill bays. Another time, they had run out of all drinks (at 4-30 in the afternoon), so I had to have a Mcflurry instead of the Coke I had ordered. The third time things were ok (thank god). Ironically enough, a friend of mine who was a manager at the one at Woodhall Services (Northbound on the M1), used to say that he refused staff from that one if they ever were short staffed due to the incompetence of the people who worked there.
  3. I'll be honest, Sheffield City Centre needs many things in the way of retail outlets, and it seems that numbers of shoppers in Sheffield seem to be falling. For example, today at 11am this morning I walked up Division Street and I swear that there was no-one about at all, every shop I walked past was empty. In comparison with Leeds this afternoon which was heaving. Its all well and good developing the City Centre but money from Retailers needs to be brought in, what about them grants that were offered to companies wishing to be placed in Meadowhall around the time Meadowhall opened, any chance of that perhaps?
  4. I agree, I no longer saw Saddam as a threat and although it is great news that they have caught him, I still feel Bin Lid is the one we should really worry about at this moment in time.
  5. It's a little ironic but a bloke on row in front of me at the Owls - Barnsley game on Saturday also had a heart attack during the first half (seriously). I have to give credit to St John's ambulance and the on duty paramedics as they got to him very quick and got him out of the ground with minimum fuss. Although it may have been a lot harder had it have been further back in the stand.
  6. In a discussion I had last night with friends about the female form an argument broke out regarding being a rump man, a leg man or a breast man. I have decided that its the pins for me. What abut all of youz?
  7. Why is it that I don't read of any US companies following suit and relocating all of there customer service departments to developing countries? I maybe wrong admittedly as they may do. I find it an increasingly worrying trend that the biggest single sector (service industry) has decided that its about time that they shifted. It just sounds a little too similar to the steel relocations that hit Sheffield in 60's, 70's and 80's, and we all know what that did around this place. Surely the government can do something about this, and if not, do there damnedest to get overseas companies to invest in the UK markets, and replenish the thousands of lost jobs that will eventually be lost.
  8. They pick the most stupid times of year to do these things. Christmas, when traffic volume is at its heaviest!!!! Where would we be without the SCC!!!
  9. Good show that just makes South Yorkshire look bad. To be honest though, wherever Traffic Cops is set (some of the previous series was in London), it makes that area look bad because thats what we want to see. We want to see people from Barnsley driving around 'rattling', we want to see a kid from Rotherham who was obviously so thick (as was his mum) that it wasn't funny. We want to see people trying to walk back to Doncaster up the Parkway cos they missed there train, and we want to see the regular numpties off the Manor Park deciding they like the look of your car thus culminating in a life or death chase across town. If it was just the bill dishing out speeding tickets we'd get a little bored!!!
  10. I know many people who have bought Saxo's and 106's etc and to be honest, these people have had problems with them. There was a report of the 100 most reliable cars on the Top Gear website a few months back which had 7 of the top 10 manufacturers as being Japanese and 5 of the bottom 10 as being French. My experience of French cars (older ones) is that they are shoddily made, although many of the newer cars have bucked the trend (such as the 307, the C3 and C5, Megane etc).
  11. He wasn't the dude in the now infamous porn video that shes trying to get banned, the pictures I have seen aren't aren't very 'forgiving' of either of them!
  12. Halloween Suspiria Back to the Future classics!!!
  13. Is it going to be new or used? If its going to be used, I'd avoid anything French such as Citroen's and Peugeots as they aren't known for there longevity, your best bet as a used car would probably be a Toyota Yaris, as its quite a good size, reliable and well equipped. New cars on the otherhand come with long warranties, so a 206 (especially the deals regarding free insurance and 0% finance) is good, the Fiesta is also an option although higher up the range they can get a little pricey. I would avoid the Saxo with a passion, it has been replaced by the C2 which is a nice car and you can get its bigger brother (the C3) on a good deal. Depending on how much cash you've got, I would look at anything Japanese such as the Honda Jazz, the Yaris, the Mazda 2 and the Micra, as they are all excellent cars, which go for ever and are well built and well equipped, plus you can get good deals on a lot of them at the moment. If Dixon can't help try Autoworld and GK on Saville Street aswell as the Vauxhall garage, beyond that try Direct Cars as they are good value (out near Crystal Peaks). Good luck
  14. Anyone of these as they were not good enough players at the level they were playing at, and we were paying them silly money to sit in the reserves or in the treatment table. Jon Beswetherwick Simon Donnelly Phil O'Donnell Philip Scott Andy Hinchcliffe Dan Petrescu Marc Degryse Gerald Sibon Juan Cobian Steve Nicol Barry Horne Gilles De Bilde Klas Ingesson Goce Sedloski Andy Pearce Simon Coleman Patrick Blondeau Ian Cranson Craig Shakespeare Mark Proctor Tony Galvin Larry May Dave Bennett Orlando Trustfull Regi Blinker Trond Soldvedt Carlton Palmer (the third time) I think I'll stop now, as there are one or two more who could quite easily join the list from the current crop.
  15. Rotherham bus station, just left of the broken bottles and the wino begging for change. Nah seriously though, my friend propsed to his girlfriend in front of her class at the school she teaches at, all pre-arranged aswell, and she said yes!!!
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