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  1. Worth looking into: 2fly studios G2 Studios Yellow Arch Studios Attic Studios Some can be expensive but if you ring and tell them you just want to record vocals over backing tracks they might be able to do that cheaper than usual rates since it's a lot less faffing about than doing a full band. Also check out the free Sheffield magazine Now Then, which has a lot of ads in the back for studios.
  2. Get to the Grapes any night of the week for live bands, Sheffield has some awesome unsigned bands. Go to http://www.l2sb.co.uk/forums to see them promote themselves/bicker with each other like children.
  3. I would suggest not going through a student landlord. If you go through a normal landlord then the rent is cheaper, there is a wider choice. You may end up living further from uni and filling in loads of council tax forms but that may be worth it for your garage.
  4. Charity shops have the same stuff as places like Freshmans but way cheaper, you just have to search. The ones off the top of the Moor are great - Quit, PDSA etc.
  5. Broomhill is lovely and the Broomhill Friery is a quality dispenser of cholesterol. Fox and Duck is a pleasant watering hole.
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