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  1. I was thinking of something like wordpress. I can do a lot of work myself but I think it would be better to pay someone to get the job done properly and on time.
  2. What is the best way to find website developers now ? I use to use a freelance site but its become full of agency, unskilled people trying to make some quick money and foreign developers.
  3. I'm fine with normal printing or network printer. I just want something that will last for 2-3 years, it being colour with a having a scanner and copier is a bonus for me. its for home use so it wont be used all the time. I have a Hp 4100 which is a old mono printer and has lasted me a number of years. I could replace the network card but it still may not resolve the error and printing issues so its a risk and I could spend the money on a new one.
  4. I have a hp 4100 but its giving me a few issues sure if the issue will be resolved even after i replace some of the recommended parts so im thinking of getting a replacemen. Any recommendations ? here are a a few ive looked at Lexmark CX310dn HP M130fn HP M281fdw
  5. This thread has gone a bit off topic and what I asked, still hoping to get a clear answer Thanks fleetwood it gives me a starting point.
  6. Hi guys, I'm new to the history section but i've looking for some experts that can help me answer a few questions. I only learn the basics in school (they never liked to go off the books) and whatever doc I've seen on TV. I was wondering if someone could help me clear a few things up. Also if any of my information is incorrect please correct me. I thought a local site would be better then a google search and find US BS. my biggest questions have always been US and Russia. The US joined the WAR later (1941) and only once they got attracted, before they had been making money during. Russia had been allied with the Germans till 1941 when Germany attracted them Some questions ive been wondering about. 1. Why did Britain have a debt to the US which was only paid off recently ? 1a. Who else did US make money from in/for WW2, ever wonder if it was part of a plan ? 2. Why was the German dept written off ? 3. Did Italy and Japan have debts after ? 4. Why was the Russian debt so little ? 5. Why did the allied county need to pay Russia ? 6. Why was Germany split between US and Russia ? 6a. why was the berlin wall put up. 7. Why did US have so many rights after WW2 ? (Japan, Germany) 8. Why does the US seam so proud of what they did in WW2 when they joined later. most of the work was done by others and US still benefited the most? somethings I never understood, dropping a nuke on Japan(did the area have any milady power) testing on the victims, control of Germany ext (Somethings I dont think i could be proud of, at the time maybe but even now to the extent of bragging I dont think so.) 9. Why was Russia forgiven so easily and have so many rights during and after WW2 even after what they did ? They would have been the worst off in my option if it was not for others. 10. How did the US make so much money from World War 2? 11. Was it because of the power US and Russia gained in WW2, they still have a power struggle to this day. These are the few off the top of my head which have been bugging me. Thanks for your time.
  7. How do you deal with ignorant parents and misbehaving children ? Your own kids People you know Family Workplace On the steet I think its gotten worse over the years, I think a lot of the times parents enable the behaviour, My normal reaction is walk away unless i need to be their but I'm assuming people with kids will have better ideas
  8. No ive never tried them, but we will take a look. The website only shows mens suits, do they only sell mens
  9. What is the best place in sheffield to get Mens and boys Formal Suits from ?
  10. Its not my ps4 its a family members, from what i know is its a issue with the power supply, the warranty is void because its been opened, Ive ask but he want to take it to a local store for peace of mind, so cant ship to another part of the country. dont ant computer shops do this ?
  11. Does anyone know of any place to get a ps4 repaired from ??
  12. SEO what Should I consider ? most people seam to either promise a basic plan everyone offers or just tell you they know what there doing. all i want to know is what is needed in seo ? Most people offer the same think, audit, keyword, competitors research, full site check, link building ? what should a good plan in or what bits would i need to get done.
  13. only a few the sites are still newish, do i need VPS or shared for 2 magento sites and 2 wordpress ? it need good support, the issue is if the host is chap the the support will be poor. the other problem is I can get a good deal, but most host company's only offer a one time discount and the price will go up to non acceptable.
  14. Would having my site on a US host cause issues for me? Do I need shared or vps, I have a magento site? Any recommendations? ---------- Post added 29-08-2014 at 22:49 ---------- Also is switching when it's time for renewal a good or bad thing?
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