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  1. The people who do these things like smashing windows on public transport or any other vehicle either do not realise how serious and traumatic it is for the person on the receiving end due to been so brain dead, or simply don't care either way that the item thrown might hit someone in the head when it goes through the window or the fact that bits of shard broken glass might get into people's eyes and cause blindness. Utter scum. This happened to a few passengers a few years ago on a tm travel bus parked at a bus stop in darnall. The bus pulled in at the bus stop and got a lot of windows put through and a elderly lady got covered from head to toe in shards of broken glass. I don't know what happened to the elderly lady because no one seemed to know back at the depot but I only hope she was ok and didn't have any serious injury's and managed to try and forget about it and carry on as best as she could when or if she was sent home from the hospital. Bless
  2. My girlfriend was driving the 79 route back to Ecclesfield depot on Wednesday the 3rd of this month and she closed the cab window on her bus at the bus stop at asda at wordsworth avenue, as she approached Ecclesfield village near the co -op someone threw a large rock or half a brick at her cab window. Luckily for her she closed the window as I said above and also the window did not smash but obviously went with a loud bang and shook her up. I am so glad she didn't get hurt she was very lucky. How would these people like it if someone went and smashed their car windows or their house windows with bricks or their parents house or car and thought it was a good few minutes of vandalism spent for a bit of bragging to their mates. They should go and get a proper hobby or interest like most of us did when we had nothing better to do!
  3. Hello all my dad used to work for GKN laycock untill they closed down and i found a photo which he took many years ago o know the quality isnt that great but i havent managed to find any other photos of laycock on archer road on the internet as yet.
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