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  1. If you decide to make a complaint about a bus driver please make sure you tell the whole truth about what actually happened at the time.


    A woman in her late 30's made a complaint about my friend who works on the buses like I do and she said that the driver swore at her, pointed their finger at her and even opened the cab door and tried to throw her off the bus.


    Just remember these days in the modern world buses do have cctv cameras which do work and when the bus company viewed the footage it showed the woman trying to get on the bus with a pass for a different bus company all together. It also showed my friend the driver sat in the cab and was clearly saying we don't accept that pass, the statement of the driver doing the all above to this passenger was a total lie and now all she has done is made herself look like a complete idiot.


    So just be warned if you do make a complaint tell the whole truth about what really happened instead of lying and trying to get the driver in trouble.

  2. The bus driver should have let her travel for free as a one off, you can tell when someone is genuine and when they are trying it on, so at the time I think he should have said, next time try and have the correct change if possible and said I will let you off this once so take a seat.


    Yeah some bus drivers are horrid I do work with them and to be fair some passengers are horrid as well and have no manners and don't mind messing you around.


    The best one I heard was a passenger phoned the depot up and said I think it's a disgrace that one of your drivers didn't let me on with my megarider pass. Well of course he would not let you travel we are not stagecoach madam we are ********. Woman sighs and puts phone down. BRILLIANT!

  3. Has anyone got any photos of the old Meadowhead school when it used to be north and south building? I have been looking on Google images and the closest thing I have found is the old north building getting demolished on Youtube.


    So has anyone got any photos of the buildings? and would you mind sharing them please as I would like to look back on a bit of history of when I was a teenager and didn't know how the real world was going to pan out for me :rolleyes:

  4. At least it will be a good deterrent when other people in the future have something to launch in their hand and then think, I'd best not do that as that other chap who chucked that tangerine was suspended from watching the game for 3 years.


    We need more deterrents like this as more people will probably think about the consequences before committing offences.

  5. Yes Sheffield8, one car set alight which was parked alongside another which took hold.

    Do you have any info?


    No I'm afraid not sorry, I just saw the burning car as I drove past on my way to work. I thought it was a bit odd for the vandals to be out at that time in the morning if it was arson. The little darlings obviously have nothing better to do with their lives :loopy::loopy:

  6. Why didn't I think about using mysupermarket for looking, It's very useful to find where the bargains are, especially at this time of year stocking up on beer for Christmas and the new year. I don't remember seeing any veda bread in the supermarkets mentioned though and when I have asked shop assistants they look at me like I've been taking some dodgy substances and watching yellow submarine over and over again :hihi:

  7. When you visit your doctor do you ever get the impression that you are wasting their time and why did you bother making an appointment?


    I recently went to my local doctors and said that I have been having bad headaches for the past 3 weeks now and painkillers are not really helping me, His response was so you haven't been having headaches for that long then.


    I couldn't believe it I thought he was joking but the way he said it as well I thought yeah thanks, I rarely come to the surgery and I think 3 weeks of bad headaches is not normal for someone who rarely has headaches throughout the year and to be patronised by a medical professional is just poor.


    He told me to use co codamol and if it is no better in 2 weeks to go back.


    Have you had a similar situation where your doctor has spoke to you like you are a time wasting idiot?

  8. Sheffield roads are in a terrible state where ever you go, I went into Derbyshire the other week and Whirlowdale Road was terrible and that's in an area where houses are very expensive, so it just shows you on this occasion if you live in a expensive area the roads are just the same as anywhere else.


    As for the putting a claim in at SCC or Amney who ever it is good luck as my mate a few years back had a damaged tyre due to a pot hole and it was a 2 month old Michelin and he took a photo of the tyre damage (which was a giant egg as they call it on the tyre wall) and also a photo of the pot hole with a covering letter and they just wrote back and fobbed him off and said the hole would be repaired asap but we can't be sure that it was that pothole which caused your tyre damage so get lost.

  9. The same happened to me. It took ages for the skip to arrive and took 3 weeks for them to take it. They were not bothered in the slightest that I was struggling to get into my garage and I would not never use them again.


    I only used them because they were reasonably priced but not much good at providing a delivery or collection service.


    Arthurs or Bradwells or HR skip services for me next time as I have heard good reviews about these companys, Which ever one provides the best quote. If they are useless then I will try another company.

  10. I would recommend the MOT centre on Broadfield road for a fair mot test or DOT mot at olive grove.


    I personally would not trust a company like the one you are asking about as they will more then likely have targets to meet on how much work they need to generate for a profit and will probably have great pride in pulling the wool over your eyes.


    A bit like a certain Dealership I bought a second hand car from off Penistone Road and they put 12 months MOT on for me. I can honestly say if I had not bought the car from them and took it for a MOT there they would have had a birthday with the fail sheet.


    I also went for a browse around carcraft a few years back and the salesman was like a vulture as soon as I walked through the door and I said Yeah I'm just having a look thanks mate, and he wouldn't leave me alone so I just quickly walked back out and thought never again.

  11. Some places with recycling bins (for plastic,paper etc) that you often see at supermarkets also have bins for books, clothes and cds.


    That is a quick and convenient way to do it just like I used to, but I have seen people trying to steal from the clothes banks and book banks at a few supermarkets so now I give my unwanted items them to the british heart foundation in town, just past the top of the moor. (opposite where the old mcdonalds used to be)


    I even got a thank you letter from them saying they had raised around £35 for the goods given to them when I signed up on their list.

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