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  1. Please could you let me know what time will the fireworks start? I have a little one with me so I don't want to go home too late. Many thanks!
  2. I can highly recommend Jason, mobile number 07852520166, http://sheffield-carpetcleaning.co.uk/ . He just cleaned all the carpet in the house I'm moving to. Such a nice guy, he even helped to clear the snow on our drive while waiting for us to get home. He did such a great job that our carpet is now unrecognisasble! I've now decided to keep them instead of getting new carpet. His price is very competitive. Give him a ring, you won't be disappointed!
  3. ---------- Post added 21-12-2014 at 10:30 ---------- [/color] Upto you but i would spend your cash on nice new radiators and have the system flushed at same time. Visited a property in crookes that has the skirt heat system and i was not impressed, the heat was never enough for the customer. When you get to the cost, new radiators would probably be cheaper than routing all the pipework and the labour and time spent but this is only my opinion cheers Jon. Noted with thanks! I might give you a ring for a quote once we've decided what to do with the radiators.
  4. I'm considering getting rid off all the old radiators in the house and replacing them with Therma Skirt. Could anyone tell me if it's any good and how much does it cost? Many thanks!
  5. Please could you tell me his contact number? I might have a job for him soon. Many thanks!
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