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  1. Can you still ignore parking fines or has legislation changed? Got caught 1 minute over the time.This was in Hillsborough next to Beres sandwich shop in Bradford rd. I know it's a well travelled subject.Please advise on latest consensus.Thanks
  2. Please can someone advise.I changed from Sky tv to Virgin Tv and broadband and was told at the Virgin shop by the staff member that they had cancelled with Sky and all sorted.I have checked my bank account and the Sky direct debit has still been taken.I should have checked before, but its now 6 months that Im paying both.I have now cancelled Sky direct debit.Would Sky refund me as Ive not used their services? Please help.
  3. Hello,i have just recommended WELDONWORKS to another Sheff Forum user.If you speak to Neville (he does the work as well with co workers ).I have used him a number of times for various types of trade and it is allways spot on.If you look at Reccommended Tradesmen on Sheff Forum you will see many other users have been happy as well.Try him on 07977518622.I presume they are still listed on Forum.
  4. Hi.I have used WELDONWORKS after looking at various good recomendations on sheff forum (Reccommended tradesmen on Sheffield forum ).If you speak to Neville he will sort all the various work,He has done loads of work for me incl. plumbing,plastering,tiling and decorating.Cleaned up allways,on time,excellent workmanship and attention to detail.He did offer me loads of references,some of which i checked and all good.I only have his mobile number at hand which is 07977518622.I will try and find more details if needed.
  5. Hey there,im suprised you have had such a good response for boerewors.We have been making our own for a number of years.We have done all types of flavours.Im originally from Natal (or kwa zulu natal) and we often have Braais and potjies so if you give me a call I can give you more info.Give me a call on 07977518622
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