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  1. Ah, I know this one, she was a Unionist and American too, Nancy Astor.
  2. La vina's a Spanish themed chain complete with Spanish staff in much the same way Cafe Rouge is a French themed chain complete with French staff.
  3. When you sell the property you inherited you have to pay 40% capital gains tax on any profit you made on it over the value it was given at the time of your parents death. So if you value it low for Inheritance Tax you pay more in Capital Gains Tax. They get you either way.
  4. I don't understand the thinking behind this post. Why should the government get any of the value of the house when it was paid for by income that they had already taxed once?
  5. I don't understand Sheffields attitudes to Conservation Areas. Ranmoor has something special and unique in the country and applications like this based just on some developer who doesn't give a **** and only wants to maximise profits should be rejected.
  6. What happened to the links on your post. I was just reading them then when I looked at your post again they were gone! Here they are again - http://planningdocs.sheffield.gov.uk/WAM/doc/Officer%20Reports-168650.doc;jsessionid=0B3C7A9B2B37D783291C012A575CF514?extension=.doc&wmTransparency=0&id=168650&wmLocation=0&location=Volume3&contentType=application%2Fmsword&wmName=&pageCount=1 http://planningdocs.sheffield.gov.uk/WAM/doc/Application%20(Drawings)-162429.pdf?extension=.pdf&wmTransparency=0&id=162429&wmLocation=0&location=Volume3&contentType=application%2Fpdf&wmName=&pageCount=18
  7. When I first cme to Sheffield in the late 1970's I was surprised to see a different kind of beer pump here, used in lots of Stones pubs. There was a horizontal glass cylinder and some sort of piston arrangement inside that dispensed the right amout of beer and pulled the next measure behind it at the same time. I think one stroke was 1/2 pint so you would see the piston go one way then the other and your pint was poured. Anyone know more about these and any pubs still use them?
  8. http://www.no2id.net/ Lots of good information on this site and ideas for how to become involved in the campaign against the database and card
  9. I agree 100% with everything said and already signed the petition a while back when it first came out. One more thing to note is that this database once set up won't go away and could be used for extremely malicious reasons by a future government who may not be nearly as benign and liberal as the current one. I can imagine the return of an extreme right wing government who wanted to introduce mass repatriation - easy with the DNA database, how many generations would Sir want to go back. Eugenics anyone? Yes lets weed out the cripples and feeble minded and also those likely to give birth to them. Easy with the DNA database. It's been done before so don't ever say it wont happen again, and with this technology it would be a doddle.
  10. Bacton, prospective Al Qaeda target if news reports are to be believed
  11. It's Very Poor That You Have To Be Logged In To View New Posts.
  12. Why do I get the impression that English is not your first language?
  13. We used to go to Mustique every year, but I hear it's gone a bit downmarket in recent years.
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