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  1. Speak to John Parkin regarding mortgage advice tel:07793 771363 and for letting residential property, try MBA Lettings : 0114 2676565. Both of these will offer sound advise in my opinion
  2. South, South West and West Sheffield is graet area to live
  3. Try Richard Smith from Welcarr Flooring : tel:07979862942, he knows everything there is to know and can usually supply and fit at discounted rates.
  4. Try Malcolm at Henry Speights Removals tel: 0114 2585883 - based in Heeley at the Sheaf Bank business park, they are very reputable and staff sound.
  5. Try Malcolm at Henry Speights Removals tel: 0114 2585883 - based in Heeley at the Sheaf Bank business park, they are very reputable and staff sound.
  6. We have been in the business of carpet cleaning in Sheffield as well as surrounding areas for 8 years. Using a professional carpet cleaning company ensures the job is done right for yours and your landlord's peace of mind.
  7. Make an attendance note of the time, place and details of each incident of harassment. This is a note "minuting" what happens each time you experience the harassment, or meet with/speak to the colleague(s) harassing you. This will serve in your building a file for a future case in the employment tribunal. You need to try to become a union member as soon as possible WITHOUT telling them yet that you have a case. This is because they may not be able to represent you as a member until a month or more after you have become a member. It is highly advisable to join a union and costs around £10-15 per month. I would also recommend you get LEGAL EXPENSES insurance as part of your mortgage or if you are not yet a homeowner, in some other way A.S.A.P. again for the reason there is normally a period of time you cannot claim. You can file an ET1 to the employment tribunal, whose website is very helpful. You would need to check that your case fits the law on sexual harassment.
  8. I have seen them advertised in takeaways and shops along the Birley Moor Road.
  9. She means she's from an Asian country I think, or is a foreign national, looking to stay in England for work or an internship in a local Sheffield business.
  10. I've always had results of between 2% (selling information products) and 20% (live seminar in USA) using 'emailaces' service. Not everyone's cup of tea. If you are setting up a database on your own server or collecting leads off the net, I would recommend a programmer called Frank Bauer. He's a German living in Australia, nonetheless his marketing scripts are second to none (Add2It PTY Ltd is his company).' It all depends on how well you know your list and how you build the relationship with them.
  11. May be worth contacting SENTA which is at the chambers of commerce just beyond the Wicker. Search "SENTA" Sheffield - Free advice and support.
  12. You could ask local news magazine around Crucible World Championship time for a feature to get yourselves more known. I also thought that Martial Arts academies might be interested to advertise with you because the lifetime value of a martial arts student is higher the younger the student starts. For example 10 years martial arts with 40 lessons per year over 10 years at £8 = £3200. Just my 2 cents.
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