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  1. quote.. Yemen, officially known as the Republic of Yemen, is an Arab country in Southwest Asia,
  2. Their is nothing actually illegal about 15/16 year olds hopping on a plane, bus train etc etc. I'm pretty sure that had anyone attempted to stop them travelling we would have shouts of discrimination from a well know few.
  3. So perfectly able to turn them in then. Grooming 1400 girls takes a lot of man power. We aren't talking about half a dozen offenders here.
  4. It seems they were coerced by someone called Aqsa Mahmood who travelled to Syria from her Glasgow home to become a "Jihadi bride" in November 2013. So quite likely exactly the same ethnic group preying on young girls.
  5. That's odd I could have sworn were have sent planes to bomb the first two. Perhaps you missed it. I certainly missed the war with the Iranians.
  6. Were they fighting us? Perhaps you are thinking of the ones who went to fight for the Germans. Perhaps you should sit down and have a cup of tea, pick up the phone and ask your beloved Green Party what they are doing to get the girls home. ---------- Post added 22-02-2015 at 12:20 ---------- I'm pretty good at Geography, and I'm pretty sure the Spanish weren't fighting us during their civil war. And to be honest I'm pretty sure the troops this country sent to Afghanistan, Iraq, etc etc. were actually fighting on our side. Well the side I'm on anyhow. I'm not sure about your side.
  7. Were they fighting us? Perhaps you are thinking of the ones who went to fight for the Germans.
  8. So why should folks who go off to fight for our enemies expect support then?
  9. Expressing loyalty to the crown is an expression of loyalty to the country. Our current oath of allegiance refers to allegiance to the crown because the monarch is our current head of state. So being republican has nothing whatsoever to do with that allegiance. Wishing the country destroyed is quite a different thing.
  10. So would you expect the crown to be loyal to you?
  11. It has quite a bit to do with loyalty to the crown rather than those who seek to destroy our nation.
  12. Since you are trying to link this in with covert excuses for Islamic grooming gangs. I would point out that the authorities don't turn a blind eye in the name of sensitivity towards minorities when that minority are football fans.
  13. Just think. With a bit of loyalty to the UK they could have joined the British armed forces as cadets.
  14. So you think they used internet banking 1000 years ago?
  15. Yes. I'm pretty sure every trader used cash in 1015 as internet banking hadn't been invented.
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