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  1. Did you live on Cricket Inn Road Denis I think I remember your family if its the same, was your mam called Dot, dad Denis and you had a sister if your the same fella as Im thinking of?
  2. It used to be the theme music from Hawii Five O for the speed and a really sloppy song for the pairs when we used to go.
  3. I cant remember his name but it was around 1965/6 on the Wybourn estate? Now we put ours in the charity bags on the front
  4. Whats her second name and is she in her 40's matey?
  5. I went to Wybourn Infant & Junior School between 1966 -72 and it was fantastic. The teachers were really strict but fair, the names that I remember most were, Miss Hall she was wonderful took us to her house and to Victoria Hall singing for the pensioners who gave us sixpences. Then there was Mrs Mills who taught cooking, Mr Jennings who went red in the face when he shouted at us, Mr Lingard who was really strict, Mr Hartley who was the headteacher. Can you remember any of these or any others?
  6. What year did you go Scrapper? I went around the early to middle 70s! It was great wasnt it? Also went to the Wybourn youthie on Maltravers Rd.
  7. Going on the club trips were our holidays we couldnt afford to go anywhere in them days lol. We used to go with the Park n Arbourthorne, Manor and Arundel, Park Gardeners and the Foundry Workers. You used to get a packet of crisp and bottle of pop and a little pay packet with money in. You used to spend all your money and then be walking on the sands all afternoon making sure you got a crappy ornament to bring home for your mam or else!! The group I remember being the most popular when I was a kid was the Discos you had to go in early to get a seat for them
  8. No only thing Ice Sheffield smells of sometimes is the little sweaty kids that play ice hockey. Weve been this morning I had a lesson then we went on the social skating session, all these little kids were pushing penguins round trying to learn to skate lethal The bar area was all glass you could see all the grown ups trying to look cool
  9. We go to Ice Sheffield these days and you still get the little chav kids and the students spraying and speeding but these days they get told off for health and safety reasons!! We do adult lessons too its more like a social club and really good fun. Maybe you should try it again for old times sake
  10. The gypsies used to come to the door selling lucky charms, clothes pegs or nicking the flowers out of your garden and trying to sell them to you lol:hihi: My mam was scared of the gypsies as they said they would put a curse on you if you didnt buy anything my dad however used to trap the gypsies feet in the door as he slammed it
  11. He-He! I had forgotten the monkey boots lol Did you used to go to Brian at Harringtons in the Castle market for your clothes too? I can remember when high waisted Birmingham and Oxford bags came out £6.99 from him in the Castle market all colours.
  12. My hubby who used to be part of the speed team down there says he can remember Eddison Lighthouse playing live on stage and the staircase was in the centre of the rink. At the top of the staircase there was a restraunt and a bar. I can remember the slushy ice and speeding up to it and spraying everybody round the edge Can you remember when the staircase to get in was at the Heartbeat entrance? There were pinballs in the doorway and skate shop was at the end of the rink. The music was fab tho wasnt it? Happy Days
  13. I remember one near the old rag market possibly near Dixon Lane in the 60's? There is one on Fargate sometimes these days but not the same as the old days somehow? OMG you had a posh rag man there were no goldfish with ours just pegs, cups and saucers and balloons as I remember
  14. Awh! the Dundee biscuit used to cost 2p from the tuck shop and Hurlfield school and at the youthy. I remember Mr Tompkins from those times he used to teach PE and Geography he was lovely unlike his female version of Mrs Matthews!! Mrs Rotherforth was lovely too! Can you still buy the Dundee biscuit and does it taste the same? Cost more than 2p each no doubt!!
  15. I used to go to Hurlfield school until 1978 and of course the youth club both at lunchtimes and also at night. I remember dancing in the disco and the lads turning off all the lights and grabbing all the girls the filthy little gits! lol I also remember the great music we used to play there too 70s glam rock and of course my fav Northern Soul. We used to have a good laugh there.
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