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  1. My landline has also been down today, although it came back on about an hour ago. I'm in S6 too and with AOL, who I believe are owned by TalkTalk.
  2. The Stranger House by Reginald Hill, a gothic story of an Australian woman and a Spanish man, worlds apart, who both decide to visit the same guest house in Cumbria at the same time, and go on to discover that historically they have much in common, an excellent read!
  3. Could it have been James H. Reeve?
  4. Hi, can anyone remember the name of the music shop on Leopold Street? It sold musical instruments on the ground and upper floors and records downstairs. You could also purchase tickets for gigs at the City Hall from there. I spent many hours in there as a teenager but I seem to think it closed down in the mid Eighties and became a GT Sports. We've been trying to think what it was called all night but none of us can remember. Anybody help?
  5. Okay, I'll have a look at that, thanks for your help.
  6. Hi Strix, thanks for the reply. Most of them are just text, only a few include photos.
  7. Hi, sorry to ask such a dumb question, but does anyone know if saving emails to your computer takes up much disk space? I've about 400 saved and was just wondering if deleteing them might free up some some space. Thanks.
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