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  1. There are quite a few sites that you can upload your photos and then use them for different things like the ones you mention - both for your own uses or to try and sell them. The challenge is you need to really study the fine print. You need to make sure you check your rights and what you are giving over. Also, if you are selling, some will only pay out once you reach a certain limit or the payout is very small. Some sites are things like twenty20 photo4me photobox etsy (and the list goes on :))
  2. also depends on budget. I use a canon Pixma TS8150 inkjet printer/scanner/copier job with 6 cartridges and am really pleased with the results.
  3. there are also some good forums about that can help and give some good advice. I find talkphotography very useful for example.
  4. I got a Sigma 150-600mm C lens last year and always take that down now. It is really handy (although fairly big) for the range. This time with the Mandarins, didn't expect to see them about 30' up in a tree at the back of the lower pond! Surprised me! but did come down eventually
  5. Amazing shots Simon!! Here are a few from Endcliffe Park recently (Mandarin and Wagtail taken more recently) - 1) Mandarin Duck by rackhs, on Flickr 2) Mandarin Duck by rackhs, on Flickr 3) Grey Wagtail by rackhs, on Flickr 4) Grey Wagtail by rackhs, on Flickr 5) Black Headed Gull-3 by rackhs, on Flickr 6) Black Headed Gull-1 by rackhs, on Flickr 7) Kingfisher-6 by rackhs, on Flickr
  6. take a look at https://www.talkphotography.co.uk/ - some great comments, guides, help etc. Find it really helpful.
  7. Hi Mark, In reply to the PM, dropped you a reply but posting on here as well (sorry if people don't like FB links). Cheers Steve https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1682827248600944.1073741837.1630530097163993&type=1&l=6ba37e8780
  8. Hi Craig, That's cool, not full frame myself so a 1.5x here. A mixture of the wide angle and kit lens (or even the kit lens on its own) should cover that range. Now to trying and get out and try Cheers Steve
  9. Hi Craig, Afraid not - Nikon user here. Got a wide angle lens though so interested in trying to get out there and try it with those sort of shots Cheers Steve
  10. Hi Craig, I took a browse as well. Really good and great for inspiration! Out of interest, what lens were you using for most of the shots? Cheers Steve
  11. some great pics!!! didn't get a chance to take many shots last year, let alone landscapes specifically (guess what one of my new years resolutions is ;-) )
  12. From a visit to Bempton Cliffs a couple of weeks ago. Didn't get a chance for a lot of shots but first outing with a new lens set up Gannet by -rackhs-
  13. just found this thread - some fantastic shots!! here's a few from a photo walk in London with some colleagues - flick link flickr link flickr link flickr link
  14. some pics from Endcliffe Park - Male Mandarin Duck by rackhs, on Flickr Wren by rackhs, on Flickr Grey Heron by rackhs, on Flickr Grey Heron by rackhs, on Flickr
  15. yup, live in Sheffield - not far from Endcliffe. Been down there a few times trying to catch the one there but never get it. Saw one many years ago there at the pond near the cafe end - but didn't have my camera with me at the time. Where about's on the Don do you go? Never been down there so might try that sometime.
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