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  1. my sidekick used the computer ive only just started you can imagine my joy when i finally found these :cool: where going too have some fun tonight
  2. womans scanty two piece beach garment overcoat
  3. jane you spoilsport i thought you were frans pal let her win todays leg oops im winning again
  4. fran you were pleading with me yesterday and you gave me some kind words i think your crumbling so i will show some compassion for one day only i will let you win just today tomorrow the handbags are back out enjoy your moment bask in all the glory
  5. it does takes my mind of things for a while now back too the battle
  6. went in heron yesterday not a bad shop quiet busy then had a look in jack fultons EMPTY is this the end for jack hope not
  7. thanks monty just love kind words from anyone great family round me things slowly getting better
  8. bless her she just cant win can she come on jane take over
  9. sweetdexter the goldfish was in a small plastic bag
  10. fran im a sucker for sob stories but im so sorry i just cant
  11. what do you want to make them eyes at me for when they dont mean what they say
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