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  1. Des Res for sale, vacant possession, in need of renovation.. apply Mr. P F.
  2. That's another one Rocker.
  3. OK Rudds, well done, you've been making the thread look untidy since Wednesday, take the weekend off now.. I will do the cleaning up, and regain the top spot.
  4. Thanks for that Jim, already seen it, but that was better.. Strangely enough it's incidents like this, red cards, offsides, etc that actually make football the great game that it is.. There is always something to discuss, sometimes for weeks afterwards.. if the goal had been awarded, Villa may have upped their game, thrown caution to the wind and gone on to win it, who knows.. **** happens.. now for Newcastle..
  5. Don't give up the day job Mr P.
  6. The best advice you'll ever receive is, write it down, remember it... PADDERS IS UNSTOPPABLE.
  7. Correct, very likeable bloke was Willie, never reached his full potential, probably due to his gambling and booze. R.I.P. Willie.
  8. Well done Bob, keep it up , your doing fine.. keep posting
  9. Hi there Ruddsie, my old pal, how you keeping, could I ask you sincerely to please remove yourself from this thread, no offence intended, that a smashing kid, so stop posting pal, let Padders win, and we can all be friends, have a nice evening chum....
  10. It's not going to be the same is it, although I welcome the restart, and I will be tuned in to RS commentary's. I can actually feel the atmosphere in my lounge, but with no crowd , no atmosphere.. Have to see how it goes, will I still leap up and down when the Blades score, I wonder ?
  11. Oh my giddy aunt, whose rattled Francy's cage.. I'm going for mi nap..
  12. Your redundant pal, no room on this thread for you.
  13. Where does Bill actually live, last night it was black to the West, tonight It's black to the East..
  14. Looking black over Bills mother's.
  15. Bargains offered on knitted sweaters. Sweat.
  16. Always enjoy reading your posts Anna, nice to see you back posting, hope your keeping well.
  17. Your dad was right Trish, It's come second.. saved me a bit of money the bookies being shut. Next poster can hold their breath for over a minute.
  18. No, you need an account.. never had an account with the bookies, and never will.
  19. A stylish filly that goes well, I'm a bit miffed cus bookies are closed, I like having a daft coincidence bet..
  20. Nope, not yet.. been watching them this morning, they keep going round the back of the ledge.. not be long though.
  21. No.. Next person will be having a few quid on Cressida to win the 3-15 race at Newmarket today.
  22. She said keep it clean, and I always do as I'm told.
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