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  1. Oh I do love this time of the day, I go out and grab Rudds by the scruff of his neck, then say to him, OK sunny boy you've had your fun, now trot of home.. Then it's of to celebrate with a drink in PADDERS BAR.. It's now a two horse race, Stallion versus the Donkey..Rudds is now comfortable in his stable, tomorrow Skegness beach.
  2. Sober as a judge matey... And now It's apology time, sorry once again, but now is the time for you to... ……….GO PADDERS RULES OK.
  3. Only know she lives locally, cus I still see her around, blonde haired lady now retired..
  4. Remember the manager about that time, her name was Yvonne.
  5. 🏃🏼‍♂️ Rudds mi old pal, hate to tell you this , BUT YOUR RUNNING THE WRONG WAY ! Consequently I've taken a big lead.
  6. Enjoyed watching Rugby.. F.
  7. Cheers lindy, actually the 53 yrs was from 1962, 5yrs courting and 48 yrs married.. Will be 5yrs this August when I lost her, seems like yesterday.
  8. Nobody posting on tonights match, are we all fearing the worst. I am, shall grimace my way through, I'm expecting a hammering 4-5-even 6.. Blades will be lucky to get nil. The only positive is I'm the worlds worst forecaster. UP THE BLADES.
  9. It's my ambition to be as funny as Francy thinks she is.
  10. Sheffield Lane Top WMC...…......…….. (SIGH)
  11. My days of celebrating are long gone, I'll give it a few days, then nip out to SLT club and HH club, see how it goes.
  12. Only one comic on this thread, Mr. Rudds……. Thinks he can win it.
  13. Just seen the news, Historians have found in Ireland , what they believe to be the headstone of the worlds oldest man. ………… MILES FROM DUBLIN...... …………………...193...…………...
  14. Cut the aggro out... while you two are scrapping PADDERS moves into pole position.
  15. You made my day 🥰. But unfortunately I shall have to (very gently) remove you, sorry.
  16. Brought a tear to the old eye, My first date " Play it Cool " at the Hippodrome 1962.. Girlfriend Billy Fury mad, married her in 1967, spent 53 yrs together.. Thank you Billy Fury.
  17. Nothing better than waking up in the morning and having a good laugh 🤣
  18. Johns using maths predicting scores. Using.
  19. Oh dear Rudds, looks like the old bubble has burst again, once again the future winner takes over.
  20. Hi Ya Hots, nice to see you back, hope you and the family are keeping well
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