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  1. I plan to sprint at it and then victoriously pump my fists in the air, every time I ride past. I have no idea what everyone else wants to do with it.
  2. Awww! I weighed in 4lb 8oz Linda Doesnt it count because I wasnt there when they were weighed? Beginners mistake
  3. 2nd that... thanks Linda it was great fun Top winner as well
  4. I went for a look around a couple of years ago. The Killamarsh shop had gone (?) so I met the bailif at the water. He was an extremely nice chap (called Norman?) It was members only at that time but not expensive to join. I remember him making a remark along the line of there being huge bream, and he hoped someone would go after them... I found a trip report on line that went as far as to suggest a record breaker could be in there (so I'll repeat that iffy claim and make it a solid internet fact ) One problem highlighted by the bailif was that it is a holding reservoir and the water level isnt in the clubs control. I was a bit put off by some other aspects of the place, but would encourage anyone to have a look.
  5. Hi denlin Please can I have a place? Ive not fished a match before but my little girl goes to school with Lil and Id like to show up, if a real noob is welcome.
  6. No, it didn't make me leave... because I understood it was a minority group in a town full of nice people. They were low intelligence thugs. A group of young women diffused the situation and wanted to see my tattoos and tease me a bit... I have a photo of us all to remember it by. They didn't want me there because I was white... If I'd asked them what it was about my whiteness that they didn't like, I imagine the response would have been along the lines of it being THEIR COUNTRY and I was TAKING A JOB that should be theirs, or they had a negative image of whites and ALL WHITES ARE THE SAME. Maybe it was because I had a nice 4x4 and they were just jealous. That should sound familiar to anyone on this forum. Racism is not a well thought through ideology Ron. When the boot is on the other foot you feel every ounce of the stupidity behind it.
  7. On reflection Ron... I think it made me feel vulnerable and aware of how I stuck out like a sore thumb. It's an odd feeling I can tell you.
  8. :-) I'm a man. A fairly large one who has never had to deal with being picked on. I was singled out for my colour and not for my actions. Being called white boy made it clear to me that I didn't belong there and wasn't welcome there.
  9. I can tell you from my own experience that being called "white boy", in a country where you haven't seen another white person for weeks, has a very different vibe. Racial insults are designed to intimidate and belittle... and they work in the right circumstances.
  10. You can save a bit of hassle and cash by first checking some easy stuff yourself. Here's a guide. http://www.mot-test.net/mock-test/
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