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  1. To all the trolls and haters commenting - cheers! You're only bumping this thread up and creating more exposure for us! And FYI, management at Sheffield Station thought the flashmob was brilliant.
  2. International babywearing week was a roaring success going by the fabulous photos on the website and FB page! Well done!
  3. .................................................
  4. I have a 2.5 year old and a 1 year old, and use my phil and teds tandem a lot for exercise. I'd be really interested in joining! xx
  5. Believe me, different slings can have feel so differently! I have a woven wrap sling called a Storchenwiege. It's a rigid version of a stretchy wrap. My baby boy feels weightless in it, and he's 24lb at 1 year of age! You're more than welcome to come to one of our meets and have a play! We've got loads of different slings between us!
  6. To be honest, not many babies would enjoy facing outwards, especially at a young age. Their spines and head muscles aren't fully developed enough to hold their weight. The other thing to keep in mind is that babies cannot handle the impact of over stimulation when facing forward (don't get me wrong, it's great fun to start off with, but when they are ready to switch off, it's hard, given they cannot snuggle back into Mum's body). Just googled balboa sling -but that elastic trim means baby is constricted within the sling, which could affect healthy airflow and possibly force baby's head too close to chest, which could be risky. I'd definitely recommend a regular cotton ring sling - which is worn the same way as balboa, but provides a lot more ventilation, and baby can be worn upright too. Stretchy wrap slings are fab too for young babies. They take a bit of practise to put on, but it's no harder than tying your shoelaces in terms of difficulty. Feel free to come to one of our meets and ask plenty of questions if you're interested though - we have a blog - http://www.sheffieldslings.com and we have a social page on Facebook. Our community is all inclusive and very supportive. No question deemed to silly, so feel free to dive right in!
  7. We will still be having meet ups over the summer, as per normal, so please feel free to come! Many of the Mums in our group have school aged children, so please feel free to bring them along too. Dads are also very welcome too! We have several dads on our Facebook group.
  8. Yay! Feel free to dive right in and come along to our meet ups! We're a friendly bunch and love meeting new faces!
  9. We are a friendly group of Sheffield parents who have been brought together through our love of carrying our children in slings. We have a group and page on Facebook, plus a website and blog, we would love you to come and see us and say hello! Find us on Twitter and Pinterest too and look out for us at events across the city. Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/sheffieldslings Twitter: @sheffieldslings Pinterest: Sheffield Slings
  10. Hi everyone, Is there anyone here who shops at the Costco in Sheffield? Do you recommend it, and think the membership is worth the savings you would get shopping there? I have a family with two small children (under 2 and a half, both in nappies) and prefer to do fewer shops, in bulk, than having to queue up weekly at Tesco!
  11. My boy is breastfed but has done the exact same thing from birth. He was even prescribed infant gaviscon, which only slightly helped. He has been putting on weight and doesn't seem distressed - both are positive signs because the reflux doesn't seem to be having any adverse affect on his health. He's 7 months old now, and eating solids, and is throwing up a lot less. The GP has told me that ultimately, it is something that will go away on it's own. Since your baby is formula fed, definitely try swapping to a different brand and see if that helps.
  12. Check out My Fitness Pal - it will calculate how many calories you need to consume in order to lose weight and has an online calorie counter with pretty much any major brand from the supermarket listed on it. I've been using it, and have already lost a stone in a month
  13. If it's green and gunky then it's bacterial and worth a trip to the doctor. My 15 month old had terrible gunky eyes, and was given antibiotics which cleared it up within a day or so. The viral type (red weepy eyes, no gunk) usually needs to run its course, and treated with boiled water, sweep it over each eye, using a clean new cotton ball for each eye.
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