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  1. They have air conditioning in saunas..a friend told me
  2. It was Uncle Sam's that set on fire in 1992, I was in there at the time the kitchen set on fire (my claim to fame). Under age drinking at the time was the big show off story to tell people let alone it setting on fire. It was closed for ages after that.
  3. I have been a customer of House of Fraser since the 90s, mostly for the designer names it has (unlike Debenhams) I checked out this Flanels online and Mike Ashley must know what he is doing. Not sure about paying £250 for a Stone Island top these days in Sheffield, especially as I only go out to the Supermarket!
  4. Is 'Sum Up' Card reader only £29 connects via Bluetooth to mobile and your bank account, see it advertised all the time
  5. I have not posted on here about Sheffield City Centre for 8 years, was not good then but I went to town this morning and I got asked for 25p on the Moor:hihi:
  6. Some unfair comments about the Wicker here, there are plenty of young pro Professionals there - in that expensive late late bar called Caesars:hihi:
  7. I went in Nirmals Saturday night, not been for a while, I used to be one of their best customers, so its 21 years I have been in there since I was 17 and underage. I had exactly the same situation, where is the ex? Think because she sometimes used to pay ha. Nirmal is one hell of a sales woman and after your money! But a good place to try if you are a student and new to Sheffield.
  8. I have before just had the phone to hand Looking in HL Brown's Jewellers window
  9. Got to be Zing Vaa, oldest in Sheffield, on The Moor, but after walking downstairs you will not know
  10. Yeah I had a ridiculously quick delivery once when I lived at Ranmoor, was as if they were waiting outside
  11. I tried to order a delivery once from a mates house at Norton because they delivery drink, as I was out of the delivery area they tried to charge me £30 delivery charge, asked them what size car does the delivery driver have? Good businessman Tony, just needs to employ a chef
  12. Oh and forgot, once he was handing out fliers with pictures of Prince Naseem on them, making out he goes there as a celebrity, he was in jail at the time
  13. Went over Christmas, basically Tony (the owner), his business strategy is he is open all the time. Best to go drunk, forget the food
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