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  1. @Boothybabe - Meltbell is obsessed with enjoying the fireworks
  2. @Meltbell - Why have you done a sex offence thread and turned it in to a race thing? You trying to stir it up, sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of tea and biscuit? (Shakes head)... I'm going to crack open the hobnobs anall then.
  3. As the thread says ''Are A4E still in operation'' and if so, why? I remember them being as useful as pair of glasses on a man with 1 ear. Anyone know of any experiences with them?
  4. @Barleycorn - I like my food with a brownish, crispy taste. I do steam fresh veg, and I also boil my chicken. All my oily fish dishes and frozen veggies are pan fried. I don't use any oil, I don't need it.
  5. Just another excuse to glue my letterbox. If I'm not getting bills pushed through it, I'm now getting **** pushed through it. F**k this, I'm buying a vicious dog.
  6. @Barleycorn - I pan fry most of my food. I don't steam, boil, microwave or oven cook much. So instead of steaming my frozen veggies and fish, I pan fry them - frying most of my foods. I lose most of the nutrients. They're burned away in smoke. It's toxic in my kitchen.
  7. I didn't think I would see Prince Charles come out with something like that. Thoughts?
  8. Haha good spot. Didn't have a clue what you was talking about at first. Very clever...I like it! Anyway back on topic. I find that gay men always seem to look in good shape. I'm no stranger to moisturizer and looking after my body but it's not a patch on a theirs. A few folks I know, including family members aren't that open. They think that visiting a gay bar means that your strange and that 2 people of the same sex holding hands or kissing revolting. I think those people are ignorant and have little understanding. A friend of mine was the same until I took him and our partners to a gay bar. He came out and said it was one of the best nights of his life.
  9. Hmm hard to tell in junior school is it not? As we developed in to secondary school teenagers I can see the pressures of why they didn't come out. Would you say it's more acceptable now than it was then? 1990's teenagers. I think so myself.
  10. I suppose as teenagers they kept things hidden away for the obvious reasons. In junior school they showed interest in girls.
  11. I know from an early age after watching Madonna, Sophie B Hawkins and fancying a girl or 4 at my School that I, well, I liked girls. Some of my 'now Gay male friends' liked them too. So how does one change from liking girls to liking the same sex? I visit Gay bars, In fact I love them! I sometimes get chatted up and some of them told me their whole life story. One guy I talked to many years ago was married, kids and came out when he was 37/8. Anyway he was 44 when I spoke to him, from South Africa and asked me the question ''So when did you come out'' I never really answered his question and wondered off. He saw me on some stairs and said ''I'm sorry it didn't work out'' He came to kiss me on the cheek and I was, well (Shocked) I went back to my hotel that night and had sex with my girlfriend at the time and was quite chuffed I could pull men, as I would females. I see a good looking lad and admit it. I look like **** in a bucket when I look through a mirror. I can admit that too lol. I find my bond with other men strong in friendship, I just couldn't find myself attracted to the same sex. I have no problem with gay men/women and always been ok with my friends who are. There really isn't a question. It's more of opening up to the world of same sex attraction.
  12. You saw the link the guy provided? I read it sometime ago when studying the loss of nutrition in foods cooked. I came across it, although vague in my head. I pan fry a lot of my food and I should know better about the loss and damage to it. Even breathing the smoke from frying foods can cause harm to ones body.
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