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  1. I'm want to know if anyone knows of a good party venue sheffield central that is family friendly. Having a little trouble finding anything and I need to get it sorted for April. Thanks in advance
  2. It can't Andy. As soon as I opened it the smell was foul. Surely they must have gotten a whiff even the delivery driver must have smelt it
  3. Just wondering if anyone else had really really bad food from here ?? The chicken I have been sent smells rotten to the point I have put it in a sandwich bag and I'm gonna get it taken to environmental health to be tested. Can anyone advise how I go about this. It smells like it has gone off then been bleached to cover smell.
  4. http://www.oakwellcarpets.com one on Barnsley road. Very good
  5. Can anyone tell me where I can buy fireworks now bonfire night is over ?? Going too a bonfire party tomorrow night for someone who missed bonfire night due to being very ill in hospital. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. I've just got back from Chelsea park only there 5 minutes total washout with the rain
  7. http://www.netheredge.org.uk/index.php?id=events says it's on
  8. Can anyone tell me if food is available tonight at Chelsea park display ??
  9. Can anyone tell me if there are any firework displays happening tonight? Cheers
  10. No he was hit. The car that pulled out on him was the one in front
  11. Does anyone know how the guy who got knocked off his bike is ?? Happened about 5pm top of east bank road arbourthorne road junction. And can I just say please look twice before you pull out of junctions and think bike
  12. Bengal kitchen near woodseats think it was the old dilshad. Never had a bad curry
  13. Roplas on Carlisle st next to petrol station. Promise you won't find cheaper.
  14. Try fleet on Carlisle st next to garage. They have about 6 out on yard waiting to be skipped. Ask of cause because otherwise it's classed as theft
  15. If I catch them under mine I'll tie them to the exhaust and leave it on tick over for an hour or so they'll feel the heat before the police arrive
  16. Love it I have to find the funny side but it is depressing listening to it
  17. For the last month or so I have had a dog barking constantly on lichford road from 5pmish till 11pm sometimes later, if your gonna have a dog then why keep it in a shed on your back garden ???? Is there anything I can do about this ??? There is a few of other neighbours sick to the back teeth of its constant barking. I have had to resort to closing my kitchen door and turning up the tv just to drown out this poor animal barking
  18. thanks for that hillsbro and many thanks for the email. if anyone else has any pics they can share thanks andy
  19. hi i wonder if anyone can help ?? i am trying to get as many pictures as possible of the old infirmary but kinda struggling. id love if anyone out there could help me in my quest ive been trying for some time also to find an aerial shot of the old place but to no luck. many thanks andy
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