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  1. My nephew is on a Fensa window installation course, being delivered by Sheffield College, Granville Road. http://www.sheffcol.ac.uk/Courses/List/1345-Fenestration-Installation-NVQ-Level-3 16 to 17year old.? Worth a try
  2. Report it, They may be other what have reported it (or may not have) It all adds up to statistics, surely then they will monitor the situation. If I was one of them specials constables I would, have a walk (in disguise) in my normal civiees clothing to catch the rats.
  3. Petition, After The Fab Jess Ennis was named after the great stand, how about naming the kop after another world champ!!!
  4. Gazza or Best, afterwards plenty of champagne and page 3 models galore #partyguys
  5. Why is it "ladies night" why can,t men attend to see male strippers- or stripers like a zebra
  6. Gozer, I had a spud gun when I was younger. . . . But I wasn't stupid enough to shoot it at any body's head or neck! . . . When my parents told me off - i listened , but some kids today do not listen to their parents. I cant believe you think this is acceptable
  7. I mean junior school thank you le maquiz. . . But the school is prim & jun joint. MR bloom I was just being (sarcastic to black hills) . . . It would have only taken the teacher or anyone to turn around and then she would have been blinded for life! The quote "we used to shoot each other all the time" = not childish just plain Stupid
  8. http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1326865 news and disccusions section ---------- Post added 22-07-2014 at 05:39 ---------- Black hills (We shoot each other with BB's all the time) - you are a exception and sensible
  9. yes in my sons school , we the parents go..... lets just say its not a typical primary school in Parson Cross ---------- Post added 22-07-2014 at 05:34 ---------- just looking at the incident just near the school. another shooting up Lindsey/ Morgan on another thread... if a 12 year old things a BB gun is a toy (XBoxes, Footballs are toys to my son)....then whats the next thing is his mother going to let him buy at 15? then 18?
  10. Just been to cleepthorpes with my child with my Parson Cross local school. One of the children bought a BB gun from cleepthorpes (under knowing to his mother). Yeh right. He shot one of the teachers in the back of the neck on the coach. He laughs, his mother says "I didn't know he bought it". . . . . . . . I think the police was called but- they didn't do anything! Son and mothers word against The teachers (x6) also the coach driver. Well done South Yorkshire police
  11. This Saturday I think there is won at Parson Cross park with Hallam Fm
  12. Thank you earth boy I will check out icon
  13. dose anyone knows a pub where I can have my 30th birthday party? its a theme based one, Kenny everert, Rocky horror show, very gay friendily required. I have heard of funny girls Barnsley but I really need it in the Sheffield town centre. mid October time please
  14. If I was a alien, I would say " school " is a bad word looking at this forum. The same type of word like, mugging, prison, bad guys. . . . . If it wasn't for schools we would`t be here. Its a nice area. . . Yes school kids getting dropped off in cars around 8.30 for a hour. Then busy at 3pm. The kids then keep inside the school and learn things about the world funnily enough.. . . Quiet after that, quiet at the weekends because the schools are closed. As for Mansel they are rowdy them lot the 5 to 11 year olds. And wooly wood school round the back . If I had the money I would live there.
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