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  1. Yes! go on Ron, what happens next?
  2. Nice to have you back Mick. How have you been? Done any writing lately? Anyway, here's wishing you and all at SFWG a happy new year.
  3. Then contact her through Facebook or Twitter.
  4. Try this... http://www.lindsaybland.co.uk/
  5. Do you have a website or is that in the pipeline?
  6. Sorry Ron, I have not deserted the group, it’s just I have been really, really busy lately. It’s annoying when you have loads of ideas for short stories rattling round the old grey matter and no time to write. Hopefully, with the night’s drawing in, I should get time to dot a few tees and cross a few eyes – whatever . Have I missed any good gossip? I’ll catch up soon. P.S. I'm still waiting for that story and if any of the group wishes to contribute I’ll let you fill them in.
  7. Nice one Ron, a really good read.
  8. http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=370544
  9. Welcome Kris. Do you have a Website, blog, photobucket or similar, where we can view?
  10. I vaguely remember her from the junior school, but not the senior school, did she pass her 11+ or she may have been one of those bright ones in the A class. Remember me to her and give her my regards.
  11. The "Link pub" just before we would go to the park hill dance, I was 14, that would be late 60s.
  12. I also worked at Hopkinsons, although it was around the mid 70s. What names can you remember Steelhead?
  13. Well I thought it was excellent, although I’m a bit puzzled by the ladies reactions. Great stuff
  14. Did you have a sister called Denise? She would be about 57/58 now.
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