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  1. i would live in rotherham but not chesterfield! back and beyond if you ask me no good bus routes and is not in yorkshire
  2. true! so let's leave it at that and get on with the proper discusion on which is the best district in sheffield!
  3. what too scared because you know that sheffield's better but you just don't want to admit it do you?
  4. why? what's so good about rotherham you have read all of the post's on sheffield about why they are so good so let's hear you talk about how good rotherham is.
  5. probably nobody logged on yet from the east. hope you underdtood the new rules. thanks sigmar14.
  6. they're has also been a rise in anti social behaviour on the buses aswell as vandalism.
  7. can we get back on the topic of the best district in sheffield!!! lol
  8. it comes under east because it says east at the begging so what ever is before the equal's sign is what district it is the writing at the right hand side explains it all clearer.
  9. don't forget to post updated news about public transport in south yorkshire.
  10. new rules! north=upper north west,upper north east,north east=lower north east upper south east,east south=lower south east,lower south west,south west=upper south west,lower north east,west central=city centre hope these rules are more clearer for when you are voting. thanks sigmar14. if any problems or need any more information please send me an e-mail or personal message. thanks.
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