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  1. Hi If you are stuck, they seem to have some on eBay - this is 1 listing https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F112407396521 For work, we buy ours from William Rowland
  2. I have got a collection of all sorts of fabrics (fleece, t-shirt cotton jersey, woven etc) that I have not had time to do anything with and would love to donate it to something like this - please keep me updated
  3. Lucy-Lastic

    Bins they are a'changin

    We always used the blue bin for paper and card and filled it in 2 weeks - the blue box had plastic bottles, tins and glass bottles and was never full
  4. Lucy-Lastic

    Bins they are a'changin

    We also struggle with the blue bin capacity. The huge brown bin does not even get quarter full.in a month but the blue bin is full after2 weeks
  5. It's a public access building ...
  6. Lucy-Lastic

    Glass bending in Sheffield

    You would have to get it toughened if it was to be used in a staircase
  7. Lucy-Lastic

    Forge Valley Fails Again !! -Link

    My son has passed all his GCSEs A* to B and is on track for top grades for his A levels too - not a sign of a failing school at all...but then again we try wherever possible to support the school. The school is not perfect but no way is it failing. The 'needs improvement' grade is the equivalent of what Ofsted used to grade as satisfactory. This is one grade higher than before so actually it is an improving school and far from failing.
  8. Lucy-Lastic

    Morley Street April 2017

    The reason it is so bad outside the school is because a few years ago someone decided to steal a number of the flags. Also they are not strong enough to be parked on.
  9. Lucy-Lastic

    Can't remember the plumber I used!!

    I have used both Gerry and Anne for my boiler and a full kitchen refit.
  10. Lucy-Lastic

    Can't remember the plumber I used!!

    That would be Gerry Simpson - Works with Gas
  11. Lucy-Lastic

    Phlegm mural on the City Kennels

    I do quite like the new mural but will misd the Phlegm one as I love his art.
  12. Hi Went past a few days ago and noticed that the Phlegm mural on the wall of the dogs kennels has been covered over by a green piece of artwork. I will miss the original - anyone know why it was painted over?
  13. I am concerned how the proposed works in the Rivelin valley will affect both the habitat for the wildlife and also potentially destroy the historical remains. There are 2 proposed extremely large dams - 40 foot high and much wider one close to the Childrens play area (500 ft across) and the second near Swallow Wheel (85 ft across) with a 4 ft crest.
  14. Dont know if anyone is missing a black and white rabbit in the Hillsborough area, but one just ran across the Tabernacle Church carpark - it just went into the fenced off compound
  15. Lucy-Lastic

    Forge Valley School - Issues

    I would have thought that it shouldn't be too much of a problem as the current A level teachers were not the head of maths as far as I am aware and the A level maths teachers are extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable from my experience with them :-)

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