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  1. Hi, have had a search for this but can't find any up to date threads. I was wondering if anyone does any urban exploration in Sheffield - photographing old/abandoned buildings? I'd like to ask some questions about it, so please PM me if you do. I've been looking on the 28 Days Later forum and some pictures taken of derelict buildings are amazing, though I don't think I'd be brave enough to do it myself
  2. I have yeah, and you're probably right. Hi Star reporters, if you're reading *waves*
  3. Ah yes, but if you believe the people on here, reporters at the Star spend their time lifting their stories from these very pages.
  4. I have a 3DS and the top screen is fine...I got it from Amazon so maybe its just the batches gone to some stores. You should obviously look out for it though...
  5. My mum used to work in admin for Krispy Kreme and she used to bring home free doughnuts all the time. Mmmm...
  6. What do you want to know? I lived in halls for about 3 months before deciding I hated it there... I'm not really a typical student I suppose, considering my 15 posts on here!
  7. I heard that Wagner was at the Mercure hotel last night or whenever the X Factor show was on. I know, the height of celebrity! I think the rest of the X Factor contestants were in another lesser hotel though...
  8. I was at the meeting yesterday and they agreed with the recommendation to refuse the store because it's meant to be used for housing, though all councillors expressed regret that it means those 450 or so jobs won't be created... It was quite nice seeing the residents that had turned out, I don't live anywhere near the proposed site but everyone that opposed the store must be feeling pretty happy! Nice to see some community spirit!
  9. Oh no! Was this only announced today? If so...that's so sudden
  10. When is it to close, does anyone know? I've only recently moved to Sheffield and have wanted to visit since I've been here but i've been too busy. (I know that's probably the excuse that's driving them out of business...!)
  11. Congrats on your offer! I go to uni of Sheffield and know that during Fresher's week there are plenty of opportunities for mature students and postgraduate students to meet and socialise. I imagine Hallam will be the same so even if you don't meet anyone during classes you can always go along to those. Age shouldn't be an issue though, as NorthernStar said. I have a friend who is 19 and has an 82 year old in her class, and she loves him and they've become quite good friends which I think is lovely!
  12. I think the one on Fargate still sell DVDs. If I remember correctly they're downstairs
  13. Snowing heavily in S3 again. Uni of Sheffield is completely closed today, I'm supposed to have an exam tomorrow so I hope things get back to normal... Anyone watching the ITV news? They just said that Sheffield is the worst hit area with 2 feet of snow. I've never seen snow like this before! Went out for a walk last night and took some nice pictures as well - http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs1154.snc4/149602_10150324359670581_550745580_15986608_6707338_n.jpg thats the cathedral in the snow
  14. Aww, I think it's such a shame that it's being taken away. It really helps me navigate around the city centre - "Oh look, there's the wheel, I must be close. HEAD TOWARDS THE WHEEL!" Thanks for the kind words, kind people
  15. Yeah, I realised that after I'd put that picture up. Planning to go on it this weekend so it's all good!
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