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  1. Slugger Skate Shop in the Forum on Division Street. Support an independent business!
  2. Danny Rose needs to play. Been exceptional this season. I'd also play Drinkwater.
  3. Doesn't surprise me in the slightest. Met him before and he wasn't a nice man.
  4. Can't fault car parking really. Loads of it and it can be had for as little as 70p an hour. Compare this to Leeds city centre!
  5. I'm impressed with how the refurb turned out. My only gripe - I went into on of the old premiere screens, perhaps 19? They changed the entrance so that you now go in through the same entrance as screen 8 etc... The door is bang next to the screen! Very distracting when you're watching a film and people are in and out.
  6. Where are all the shows about the MPs and banks that have ****** our money up the wall?
  7. They said the scum of the village, not that everyone in the village is scum.
  8. I'm pretty sure the designated spaces are park and ride only till about 6.30pm. Can't remember exactly but it said something like that on the signs.
  9. I watched a film in screen 12 on Wednesday and noticed a bit of noise before the film although once it was on, the sound was drowned out. However, the screen was very plush having had work done to it, very nice seats! I'm an unlimited card holder so complimentary tickets aren't really of any use but I'll put up with it if all the screens are going to be like screen 12. However, what I will say (and this isn't Cineworld's fault) is that the parking at the rear being used for park and ride makes it hard to get a space in the school holidays, even in the day. That was a terrible decision.
  10. Hi, I'm an old tennant of Regent Court. Even though I am very happy in my home now, I do miss the place sometimes! It felt like being on holiday on a sunny day coming out of that flat. I have a lot of memories of that place and the people, for the most part, were lovely. Just to add my little bit about Tony Christie. I used the launderette in the flats and one day I received an email at work. It was a news letter about Tony's new album and on the email was a photograph of Tony in a launderette. I thought it looked familiar and after printing it out and comparing it, it was indeed that launderette! I gave the printout to a lady called Betty, she told me he used to live there and at the time, she put the photo on the noticeboard. That's going back a few years now though. I used to live on the fourth floor and had a really weird guy living below me. Oh, the memories of being woken up at 4am to the sound of an ABBA record playing at the wrong speed...
  11. OK, I don't really understand how the courts work, I assumed it would have been sorted by now. Thanks for the info!
  12. Been a while since these changes have been done now and I have to say, if anything it's made Penistone Road worse, especially where the roundabout was. Massive **** up.
  13. Well, I didn't say that but I don't disagree with it.
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