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  1. Can anybody recomend a good mobile car valeter as the one i have is some what unreliable.i buy and sell part time from home.thks
  2. Can anyone help to the where abouts of my wifes car it was taken from our home in the Hillsborough area.My wife loves her car and it was a gift.Maybe look down your street please.The left front door has 3 or 4 deap scratchs on it and it has a towbar.The reg is MM02URE and is metalic blue, mercedes a170cdi.thanks 07887864163
  3. Use any vat reg garage.vauxhall will tell you all sorts of stories.(check consumers act)being through same ordeal.dont let them rail road you
  4. Big question how many come and study in sheffield and never go back.yes they do bring lots of funds to to uni but when people are working illegaly and not pay tax etc.is taking jobs from people that could be working and not on dss and costing gov millions.its all over the country.good on those that come and study and go back to there own country asap.
  5. use alloy wheel cleaner to remove muck good stuff.done a couple of massey fergs before and the best way is to find someone that does commercial sand blasting.you will not look back as you can get that like new finish.if you got any problems contact me as my dad was a tractor mechanic (retiered now but very active).
  6. Yes cn defintely recommend weldon works good reliable work
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