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  1. Hi Sadsack, I've sent you a PM. I'm happy to chat through
  2. Hi Russ. Thanks for your interest, but we're sorted now I'm afraid. Someone got in touch pretty rapidly and we went with them
  3. Edit - We're sorted for a singer now. Thanks for everyone who took an interest We are a new band, with a bassist, drummer and 2 guitarists, looking for a vocalist. Any age, any gender. Our current play list includes Psycho Killer by Talking Heads, London Calling by The Clash and Teenage Kicks by The Undertones. However, we're open to lots of musical styles and happy to add to or change the play list based on the singers strengths. We're a bit rough and ready at the moment, but hoping to improve quickly and start doing some open mic nights. PM me if you're interested
  4. Hi, I've been learning bass for the past 6 months, and I'm getting to the point that I can knock out a few tunes reasonably confidently. I'm looking for people to jam with to help improve to a standard where I could gig. Although new wave, ska and indie are my main influences I'm into all genres really, so happy to play anything Anyone interested in setting up a jamming session?
  5. Sorry to hear this. I hope your son is ok 😞
  6. Great idea. Good to see someone trying to do something positive
  7. It's hard to admit you're wrong, but we all make mistakes and you just have to learn from them. I've made loads of mistakes, and I'm sure I'll continue to do so... With the announcements of business closures and manufacturers leaving the UK mounting daily, job losses in their thousands, prominent brexiteers moving their finances/domiciles overseas, and the 'brexit means brexit' campaigners of the yellow vests movement becoming more and more closely associated with neo-nazi movements, with nazi salutes and neo-nazi flags on full parade today... Surely it's time for most reasonable minded brexit voters to admit that they made a misjudgement back in 2016 and it's time to call a halt to the self harm that we're doing to our great country!! The question is, how do we allow our brexit friends to change direction without losing face, and without causing further harm to our country? Remainers need to find a way of bringing people round rather than be confrontational, and with a groundswell of opinion the govt will have to listen.
  8. People need to think about the unnecessary car journeys they are making. 23pc of car journeys are under a mile and 70pc under 5 miles. Imagine how much healthier and less congested we'd all be if they were done through walking and cycling
  9. He can't be sacked, the Labour party don't employ him. All they can do is suspend him from the party, which they've done.
  10. We run a couch to 5K at Doncaster Athletics Club, and it's been great to see so many people get the running bug. It's genuinely transformed peoples lives. I would highly recommend you do it with a group or a club as the group can really help you through during some of those early weeks when you might be doubting yourself. Sheffield Running Club and Steel City Striders do a couch to 5k group, as I'm sure many of the other running clubs in Sheffield do. However you choose to do it, stick at it, you'll love it. Running is an absolute joy when you get past the first few weeks. I don't think you need to carry water. You should only need water if you're running for more than 40 minutes or so, or if the weather's hot. Having said that, I'm not a doctor, it's just my opinion based on my own experience of running.
  11. OK, so this is not Sheffield related, but please read the article about Doncaster Belles unfair 'relegation' from the Womens Premier League: http://popularstand.wordpress.com/2013/05/16/the-belles-toll-update-and-points-of-action/ and please sign this petition if you disagree with the FA's decision: http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/doncasterbelles
  12. My sister hired a Triumph Spitfire from a website called syclassics, which was a bit unusual and not too expensive
  13. Weazel, I hope you're work experience went well. If you're still looking for permanent employment, I'm looking for a web developer to join our small team. We use C#, asp.net, mysql, plus a bit of Drupal and PHP.
  14. If you've got an Android phone there is a free Hazard perception test available. Just go to the Android market and search for 'Hazard Perception'
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