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  1. Anyone know of this gent formerly of Edgedale Road ,Netheredge ,used to work at Laycocks 60s/70s approx -was originally from Riga in Latvia .
  2. I have been both skeptical and have investigated and there is a lot of misinformation on the subject which i am skeptical about but there is also some good evidence contained for instance in released govt. Ufo files -eg ufos tracked on radar and jets sent to intercept them who were out -manoevered to reports by military personnel and other credible witnesses, astronauts etc. This is not a new phenomena-these reports have been around for centuries and scientific theories have had to be re-examined / re-written over this time- many have been ridiculed for their radical beliefs only to be proven right later-its happened throughout history.
  3. Its easy to be sceptical, more difficulty to investigate. The release of UFO information brought about by those searching for truth can only lead to enabling the public to make a more informed decision. Do research, ask questions and keep an open mind - looking forward to this lecture.
  4. UFO'S AND THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL MESSAGE , Talk by RICHARD LAWRENCE-www.richardlawrence.co.uk - On his latest book on the 16.4.11 AT 2P.M. at the MOORSIDE GRANGE HOTEL , DISLEY, CHESHIRE , NR. BUXTON, SK12 2AP For tickets contact LADAN RATCLIFFE ON 07855535016 OR EMAIL: ladan.ratcliffe@ntlworld.com Richard will examine the profound mystical implications of this topic and why he believes we are living through the most important period in our history and how co-operation with our extraterrestrial visitors will be the key to a new age of peace and enlightenment on earth. A highlight of the talk will be extracts of cosmic transmissions -communications channelled through Dr George KING (1919-1997) by interplanetary intelligences. Find out about the great spiritual cosmic plan which will determine the future or our world. Do not miss this fascinating and inspiring event. All welcome.
  5. Develop your healing and psychic potential half day workshop-sat. 9th april 1.45 pm for 2 pm start admission £25 ( concession £15) the healing power of crystals workshop sat. 21st may 1.45 pm - for 2 pm start admission £25 ( concession £15) - talks-the cosmic plan-revelations regarding the cosmic plan for earth and the upliftment and enlightenment of the human race-how it is unfolding and how we can help achieve this. Sat. 2nd april 2.15 pm for 2.30 pm start-admission £5 open day sat. 14th may 10am -5pm -visit our healing centre-a warm welcome awaits you from our friendly staff.see demonstration of pendulum dowsing or browse our publications of new age teachings-cosmic transmissions -given through the unique yogic medium DR. George king. For a modest fee book an appointment for a tarot, palmistry or numerology reading, spiritual healing and other therapies are avaliable by appointment from experienced and qualified healers. Refreshments avaliable - admission £2 venue -the aetherius society -350 sheffield road, birdwell , nr. Barnsley just of motorway junction. For further details / bookings and directions please telephone - 01226 744659 all welcome .
  6. anyone attended social care course 1978-1980 at shirecliffe college which became parkwood involved a residential at great hucklow derbyshire and attendance at salmon pastures complex attercliffe
  7. Talk/ book signing tour by acclaimed author and speaker on this subject -richard lawrence at the academy theatre birdwell minutes from motorway junction friday 12.11.10 7.30.p.m. Admission £5 -hear about the true message regarding ufos . For the open minded -promises to be a fascinating evening . Hear about ancient and modern sightings , government files etc. For more details contact the aetherius society tel. 01226 744659
  8. life is somewhat of an illusion as per buddhist and other philosophy and there are other realms of existence which whilst just as physical as these realms are of a different vibration, other dimension, whatever you want to call them and the physical realms are where you can make the most difference being the hardest school. dreams / sleep state is basically partial projection be it more done subconsciously from the physical body to wander aimlessly on the other realms or maybe do more worthwhile tasks depending on the nature of the individual. recollection of this can be vague and could in dreams reflect meetings with people who have passed over or not but i would keep an open mind. i have had dreams where suddenly an image of someone i.e. on earth who i had never had any cause to think of and have within a day or so met that person face to face quite unexpectedly but this became reliable enough for me to come to expect it and may have happened 5- 6 times maybe more.one incident involved meeting someone i did not know exactly but have heard of and i dreamt i was shaking his hand, I had no idea he was coming over to my local church but that weekend i was shaking his hand,
  9. my-grandfather george ernest white worked ar E.H. Pickfords for forty years until he retired in 1964 - does anyone remember him ? He looked quite like Captain Mainwaring out of dads army and had been in the somme and home guard and lived at Netheredge
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