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  1. Headlamp aim too low Tie bar/ rod rubber bush deteriorated Shock obsorber serious fluid leak New front brake pads Brake hose seriously damaged Price Pads £77 Arm £79.90 Flexys £119.98 Shockers £72 Headlamp £5 £353.88+vat £70.78 Total £459.66 I'm just wondering dose the price seem fair?
  2. Dose anyone know where I could find some burlap sacks cheap/free (old torn ones would be great) cheers
  3. is it a crumpet or a pikelet? Having a discussion and I say pikelet is a Sheffield way of saying crumpet just like we say breadcake for... Well breadcakes (that's what they really are)
  4. I'm trying to Rivit 2 peices of 2mm sheet steel and want solid dome rivits but can't find any in Sheffield I only can find the other types in places like screw fix or b&q
  5. I'm trying to uninstall Rome total war but it came up with a error so I downloaded Microsoft fix it and said it fixed the problem so when I went to install it again it comes up with uninstall so I deleted all files and still no luck
  6. I needed a mouse quick and decided Poundland wouldn't too bad needless to say it was a bad idea is there anywhere to get a working cheap mouse?
  7. I did have 3 but I have no idea where they are :/ Any for sale?
  8. Where would be the cheapest place to find one power supply cable
  9. Yeah I think they must of got cities mixed up aha
  10. I was watching a YouTube video (non ghost related) and they said "did you hear about ghosts invading Sheffield recently" this isn't a post to ask if they are real or not just that I haven't even heard anything about it any guesses?
  11. It looks like it completely in the pipe too but I'll give it a go aha
  12. My backbox basically fell off so I just bought a new back box long story short my back box pipe won't come off its got this rubbery substance on it any tips on how to het it off or how much the garrage will charge to just take it off I can fit it myself (or is it one of those things where a garage cannot let you take it unless it has a back box)
  13. Cheers I'll take it there and if you want to know I was zeroing my scope since I took it off for gun maintenance
  14. I was shooting today and my crosshair disappeared so I managed to het the foil thing out but it's bent and torn anyone know where I could get a new crosshair I've looked on eBay, Amazon and Sheffield rifles and no luck
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