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  1. Bobby English and Fred Manners are both still around I meet Bob few times a week and Fred lives in Lincolnshire
  2. Did anyone on here work for or remember Erich Dreisbach?
  3. Anyone remember Parkhead Tools registered on Ecclesall Road south in the 70s??
  4. Anyone remember Kelvin car hire in 80s
  5. anyone work at Osbourne steels Ecclesfield in the 70s
  6. anyone work at barworth flockton in the 70s
  7. That would depend on condition and price
  8. Anyone remember which year Credlands Garage at Lane Top finished and who took it over and were they a Ford dealership?
  9. Thanks for the info I was hoping to find some artwork adverts they did for Bentley Bros Vauxhall but I guess nothing exists anymore
  10. Anyone here a driver at East Bank in late 60s and have a conductor called Dave Webster?
  11. Anyone on here work as a designer for Stanley Dickson who might have done the artwork for Bentley Bros Vauxhall advertising?
  12. My grandad Erich Dreisbach was a regular in those days
  13. Long gone now so no chance of retrieving any info I wanted
  14. Anyone on here frequent The Pheasant at Lane Top in the 60s and 70s?
  15. Trying to find out if any artwork still exists that Bentley Bros Vauxhall used for their stickers key rings etc
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