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  1. That put a smile on my face! Good luck with the presentation kiddo and have fun in Australia:thumbsup:
  2. A poet in the making..... Cool lyrics:clap:
  3. Foxx, You may want to check your home and contents insurance policy to see if you have any Legal Expenses Insurance cover attached to it. You may be entitled to free legal advice and the use of a solicitor to pursue a claim against your neighbours for encroaching your land. Some policies do cover disputes relating to the ownership or occupation of your property. Good luck!
  4. You have not alienated me Jamie:thumbsup:
  5. yipppppppeeeeeee!!!!! I finally got out of the room!!!! (with the help of someone). Clever stuff. Tired now. Was meant to go to sleep 2 hours ago......
  6. Got home at 3am last night and everywhere was covered in snow!!!!!! People were out in the streets having snow ball fights. Absolutely gorgeous. Off to bed now- no work for me today:banana: yipppeeeeeeeeeee
  7. OMG... Just yawned when reading the post too!!!!
  8. he he he Designbunny, incase you are not sure, Jamie is bloke displayed on his avatar!
  9. I watched the first 10 mins of the show last night out of interest and it didn't really appeal to me.... ...maybe it was the episode I was watching?! ummmmmm
  10. Cranberry juice for me:thumbsup: yummy.....
  11. ummmmmm... short for me:wow: where's the scissors?
  12. Sounds good..... I'm in. But it won't be beer I will be drinking!!!
  13. ooooooohhhhhhh u beat me to it! lol
  14. ummm,,,, this suspense is killing me.....
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