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  1. HI ROGER JACK HEWITT Here first of all welcome to the Forum as Pat may have mentioned I used to be quite active on the Forum a while back but I now tend to be on Facebook and the Messenger pages more often it's always nice when someone remembers yourself and family members you say you can remember my Mom RIP cleaning at the shop I always thought that she also served there so many days a week I'm afraid that I can't put your face to the name Pat also mentioned that I now live in Solihull W / Midlands I have been down here just over 8yrs now are you still in the Sheffield area you also mentioned a few of the shops at the bottom of Clarence St namely Herberts newsagents , Twiggy barbers I also remember the Doctors surgery on the corner of Clarence St and Bridgefield rd the Lincoln pub on the opposite side of the rd also the Chippy just up from the Docs then there was the second hand shop at the corner of Clarence St and Hurst rd in fact Richard Dennell the youngest of the Dennells has just recently been in touch with me he told me that Michael Dennell passed away at the age of 49 and that Ronnie now lives in Turkey and he never has much contact with him now I once remember a good owd fashioned scrap between Michael and Martin Windall when everyone formed a circle do you remember Jean Hancock who lived on Michael Rd my wife is related to the Hancocks obviously I remember Rastricks corner shop I always remember the smell of cat pee in the place if you send me your E-Mail address I will send a few photos over to you I don't know if you are on Facebook or not but if you are send me a friend request and I will chat more on personal message service I hope to hear from you again soon TAKE CARE JACK.
  2. Hi is this Ronnie Dennell it's Jack Hewitt here first of all I'm sorry to hear about your Mick if my memory serves me right didn't you live in the corner shop on Hurst rd jnc with Clarence St I think something to do with furniture I used to come on the Forum quite a bit a few years back but never bother much now I'm only answering you because i received a E-Mail regarding the Forum I keep in contact with quite a few of the old crew from that time on Facebook using the personal message service also I've got a few feelers trying to trace a few more of us relics I'm in contact with Pat Owen, Frank Williamson , Frank Holsman, Elaine Dewsnap now Gordon living in OZ, Linda Batty not on Facebook but by phone also her brother Keith and wife Barbara plus a few more so if you're interested personal message me and I'll give you my contact details nice to know that your still around TAKE CARE.
  3. There used to be a shop on London rd which is where the chip shop is now " A salt and batterd " just above Hill st that sold Tripe and such like back in the 60s.
  4. The barbers name was TWIGG or TWIGGYS as we called him and yes he did put a sort of board across the seat for the kids to sit on.
  5. After giving Her Majesty some pleasure on my release in the middle 70s I went into Sylvestors to try and obtain some rolling tobacco named Black Bell the northern one or Brown Beauty southern brand I was infrormed that both brands could only be obtained through government sorces Goldern Verginia had to do until Sylvestors made me my own formula made with different blends of shag tobaco.
  6. My father by trade was a steeplejack who worked for Harrisons which was near the old Jessops hospital he left them to go and be a demolition forman for Jimmy Childs he had only been with Childs 6 months when he got killed at work he was working at the old Glasshouton colliery Castleford the mobile crane driver overloaded his load and the crane toppled over trapping my dad underneath he was in a coma for 3 days but died in Pinderfields Hospital Jimmy Childs company was found guilty of negligence and my mom was awarded compensation this was in the very early 60s my dads name was also JACK HEWITT RIP POPS.
  7. Going back to Dunmow Rd what about when Polard Ave closed and everyone moved to Dunmow rd you have never seen footy games like them at dinner times seen some blood spilt on many an occasion paviors v drivers and plant men Big Graham Downs, Rowley , Ray Price and so on we even had grudge matches against Wood Ln Stannington the gaffers just didn't give a **** games went on for hours Ron or Tom ? forgot Monks father of Dave Monks who played for the BLADES, Phil Hatton RIP, Albert Price RIP, Tommy (Kaboobie) Bradey I remember Phil Hatton going into a thunder box on the Flower Estate and getting locked in someone set a fire underneath it not realising that a can of petrol was also inside you can laugh after the event but panic set in I can tell you like I said so many memories.
  8. Thanks Grit Man that's the one he lived on the Lowedges or Batemoor estate if my memory serves me right the BEST YEARS of my working life were at Dunmow rd I spent 7yrs driving a 3 point roller in "Chief" Gordon Souths RIP tarmac gang Kevin Oxley driver Bernard Ashbury RIP splash man some stories to be told there I can tell you you are so right about KABBOOBIE and his stories eg Monties apple, motor bike and side car, wrestling with the python the list is endless once you had started him off it was pull up a chair time not only stories at work we were all good mates socially down town every Friday night between 20 to 30 strong real HAPPY DAYS.
  9. I started in 1966 untill 1990 Grit man you said it would have been a best seller people would have NEVER believed some of the characters that I came across in the years I worked there including myself people have tails to tell about myself some of the drivers and plant operators over the years could have a book all to themselves anyone who knows the story about two drivers who both had serious STAMMERS argueing with each other I was lucky enough to be present FUNNY just doesn't come close (Tom Jones) nickname real name Barry ? Sorry forgot surname and SILUBREOUS think that is spelt right also nickname were arguing over JACK Silubreous little Jack Russell dog this was in the night room we had for drivers on night gritting duties we didn't get much further than the FFFFFFFFFFU*KING LLLLLLLLLLITTLE BBBBBBBBBAST*RD HHHHHAS JJJJJJUST EEEEEEATEN MMMMMMY DDDDDDDDDINER says Tom Jones FFFFFFFFFFU*K OOOOOOOFF says Silubreous this argument went on for days there are so many more stories about both of them plus hundreds more regarding others HAPPY DAYS. ---------- Post added 05-10-2013 at 12:15 ---------- Is this Mr S from the OG DEPOT.
  10. If my memory serves me right wasn't the Dominos first landlords name Sam? EX SUT driver I was in on the opening night and he barred me it was a free jukebox and I repeatedly put the funky chicken on around 12 to 15 times as a joke he didn't see the funny side and turned awkward with me we had an argument and the rest is history I lived on High Fitzwilliam back then. ---------- Post added 24-09-2013 at 01:14 ---------- I remember having a pint of WARDS in the White Hart just off Putney bridge London was told by the then manager that there was three pubs selling WARDS in London.
  11. Thanks for that boyfriday but someone else has stated that it could have been called Winter St hospital and I seem to think that could be the name but still unsure? ? ---------- Post added 12-09-2013 at 20:41 ---------- Thanks bullerboy that name seems to ring a bell someone else stated that it could have been called St Georges is it possible that they are one of the same.
  12. I was driving for the council at that period in time and was driving a sump emptier the police used myself and mate to empty all the drain gullys to look for any weapons or clues in all the surrounding areas and to this day I'm no wiser if they ever found anything or not.
  13. Sorry it's taken so long to reply canute I was led to believe that the tunnels were used by the then hospital which was situated just across the road opposite the entrance to western park I have forgotten the name of the hospital so if anyone can put a light on that it would be much appreciated.
  14. Well done PAT nice to get some good news I still cant get in touch with RAY PRICE or PAUL MANGLE but will keep on trying as always TAKE CARE. ---------- Post added 26-07-2013 at 11:51 ---------- Hi Pat just had a message from one of our regular contributors he has given me a postal address for Paul Mangle I'm going to give it a try and see if I get a reply would you like me to mention you in my correspondence to him god it's 40yrs since I last saw Paul I hope all is well catch you soon JACK X.
  15. I worked at William Parkin & co on Sylvester st in the packing dept in the early 60s also had my first experience of working class women from the paint dipping shop upstairs they painted certain parts of my body I wont disclose on here I stayed there for around 2yrs and cant remember a single name of anyone I worked with only Harry Parkin the son of William.
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