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  1. The 57 (operated by First early morning, evenings and Sundays) hasn't been running at all on the current Covid-19 emergency timetable. Currently the SL1 runs once every 2 hours and SL1a runs once every 2 hours - hourly combined - both Middlewood-Stocksbridge. From 1st June, yes Supertramlink is history, but the current 57/SL1/SL1a is replaced by the new 57/57a which combined runs half hourly - so a doubling of service. Hillsborough offers more trams than Middlewood for onward travel to Sheffield Centre and of course those just requiring the shops in Hillsborough won't need to change onto a tram. The First bus 57 will also be reinstated (except on Sundays) running to a Saturday timetable. All public transport through Covid-19 restrictions continue to only exist thanks to government funding.
  2. Stagecoach bus timetable changes from 1st June now started being posted on their website https://www.stagecoachbus.com/service-updates/serviceupdatesarticle?SituationId=ID-16/03/2020-11:36:24:186 including changes to the Stocksbridge network with current buses 57, SL1 and SL1a replaced with new buses 57/57a.
  3. The Park & Ride is certainly NOT closing! There are changes to bus services in general (and trams) from 1st-8th June, mostly increasing services on the temporary Covid-19 timetables, these should be announced in the next day or two.
  4. between now and July bus services will be increased as people start to travel again - the government has already announced funding for this and operators and local authorities are in the planning process. The government are also funding subsidies for cycling and for councils to adapt part of the city to temporarily increase pavements and cycle lanes. The current skeleton service reflecting extreme low numbers travelling won't be the same in July - although social distancing is still likely to be in place which dramatically reduces capacity, unless perhaps there is a change in thinking (face coverings becoming viewed as an adequate alternative for example).
  5. Taxis are operating, here is some more info: https://citytaxis.com/covid-19/
  6. Given at Gleadless you are pretty much at the start of the 51 bus route and the government are funding an increase in service between now and then you shouldn't have too much problem. The point is people that live closer to town who could walk or cycle do so in order to leave seats for people like you. The government are not funding tram replacement buses as they are already funding other buses that people can use (such as the 8, 80a, 120, 252 etc). Note no announcement has yet been made on what future services will look like.
  7. I would imagine the issue there is if a wheelchair user needs the space then the nearest seats occupied by passengers must be at least 2 metres away, hence those seats are out of use. It is a well publicised issue - with social distancing capacity is significantly reduced, hence government encouraging those that can walk or cycle to do so and leave public transport for those that have no alternative for essential journeys. The government announced new funding for bus and tram which should see the temporary timetables increased in the first couple of weeks in June, although not back to normal. Message is basically buses, trams and trains are there for those who need it for essential journeys and is operating in as safe way as possible with the cooperation of passengers, but you should consider if you really need to use it first due to the low capacity, especially on the busier parts of the network (generally closer to town). Personally I've only used any kind of transport once in the last month, a local bus ride to the chemist, only made by bus because it was raining at the time (and I was the only person on the bus)! Otherwise I'm working from home and all my shopping is either a walk up to the local shops or ordered online and delivered.
  8. Bus capacity is very much reduced with the social distancing measures in operation and the bus full sign is being put up once the limited capacity is reached. This is why the government is encouraging those with shorter journeys to consider cycling/walking and for shopping trips to be kept local, leaving the limited capacity on the buses for commuters making longer journeys who have no choice. The limited capacity now varies between different models of bus (it will also make a difference if couples/families travel that can sit together) but roughly speaking the limit is 20 on double deckers, 12 on full size single deckers, 10 on mid size single deckers and 7 on minibuses with limited seating in use and standing not permitted. The existing level of bus and tram service has government funding to operate until early June, yesterday the government announced new funding to keep buses and trams operating beyond then at a nearer than normal frequency. The one stop shop for current temporary timetables is here: https://travelsouthyorkshire.com/servicechanges/ Forthcoming changes are announced on individual operators websites: https://www.stagecoachbus.com/regional-service-updates/yorkshire/sheffield https://www.stagecoachbus.com/supertram https://www.firstgroup.com/south-yorkshire/news-and-service-updates/coronavirus-covid19-service-information http://www.tmtravel.co.uk/ https://www.powellsbus.co.uk/ http://www.hulleys-of-baslow.co.uk/
  9. This I assume is a temporary measure funded by the government as a combination of social distancing and accommodating increased active travel. - it provides bigger pavements so shoppers and other pedestrians (including those walking to work) in potentially busy areas can maintain the 2 meter social distance - It creates space for increased numbers of cyclists At the moment public transport has much reduced capacity on each vehicle due to social distancing requirement, for example a double decker bus that could normally carry 70 passengers can now only seat 20 and a full size single decker bus can now only seat 12. As a result of this the government are encouraging those with shorter commutes to walk or cycle, with funding available to help those wishing to take up the cycle option. This leaves the seats on the buses and trams for those that are making longer journeys where active options aren't feasible. It is also likely that more people are likely to commute by car with the government currently encouraging people to only use public transport if necessary and that has to be balanced with keeping the City Centre a nice and safe place to work, shop etc. Pinstone Street (the bit between Church Street and the top of Fargate) is mainly only used by buses and taxis, so the only serious impact will be on buses which is a little bit frustrating for those that use and support public transport but it is only temporary - and the bus diversions are well established from when the road is closed for special events - generally those buses heading towards Abbeydale/Ecclesall divert via Arundel Gate and rejoin normal route at Eyre Street roundabout; those buses heading for Arundel Gate (such as 52 and 120) turn off West Street early and cut down via Moorfoot and Eyre Street. Once social distancing measures are no longer deemed necessary to protect against the spread of the Covid-19 virus and everything returns to normal for bus, tram and train travel then the road and pavements can return to normal too.
  10. Good news, they are now allowing patients to book appointments at the Avenue Medical Practice in Greenhill that the same management has taken over as well as Jordanthorpe, so sensible location now available again! Still think it was a bit naughty on their part making the move during the Coronavirus pandemic and before such arrangements had been put in place.
  11. that information has been there for about a month now I think!
  12. tbh the prescription situation was OK when it was a simple repeat prescription as the chemist sorted that out, service very good. However now I can't request a repeat prescription as they say I have to contact doctor for annual review. When they changed online systems I couldn't get on the new one. Looking now to get on it you have to apply for two user access codes which involves filling in a physical printed form and getting it to the surgery. I'll just give them a call, hopefully they will do it over the phone again in the circumstances, staff were sound to be fair. It will be an arse when I have to actually go for an appointment though, hence needing to change practices!
  13. to be fair the service over the phone and dealing electronically with the chemist has been perfectly good. They say the move was due to the condition of the building. Unfortunately the new location further away (Jordanthorpe instead of Greenhill) is difficult to get to in person if you don't have a car. The fun now is with my prescription. Normally I have an annual prescription review appointment and get a years worth of prescriptions sent to the chemist to collect in monthly installments. Understandably routine review appointments aren't happening during the Covid-19 pandemic but to request a repeat prescription you have to take a written request into the surgery or fax a copy. Fax? Is Jordanthorpe located in the 1980s?
  14. This reminds me, I need to register with a new practice, the medical centre I'm with has closed and relocated everything to a site outside their catchment area, nearly 4 miles away from where I live where buses only run once an hour and pack up at 3pm!
  15. From Monday 18th May extra buses will run on service 1 to High Green and service 120 to Halfway. See https://www.stagecoachbus.com/service-updates/serviceupdatesarticle?SituationId=ID-16/03/2020-11:36:24:186
  16. CASH PAYMENT - EXACT FARE ONLY ON STAGECOACH FROM 18TH MAY From Monday 18th May, to minimise cash handling and the associated potential spread of Coronavirus, change will no longer be given on Stagecoach buses - if you must pay by cash, please tender the exact fare. If you overpay, the surplus will be donated to the Covid19 charity appeal which supports NHS staff and volunteers. Other operators are also encouraging this but will give change if absolutely necessary. Passengers are encouraged to either pay by contactless or buy tickets online. Contactless is accepted for on board ticket sales by First, Stagecoach bus, Stagecoach Supertram and Powells bus. WHERE YOU CAN BUY TICKETS IN ADVANCE OF BOARDING DAY TICKETS - The full range of daily tickets are available as m-tickets on both the First and Stagecoach app - day tickets from the Travelmaster range can be bought online and loaded onto your smart card at https://sytravelmaster.com/ - train inclusive day tickets are available from staffed railway station ticket sales offices. WEEKLY AND 28 DAY TICKETS - First week and Stagecoach 7 day Megarider tickets are available as m-tickets on both the First and Stagecoach app. - Longer term First tickets are also available on their app - Stagecoach Megarider tickets are available to buy online at https://www.stagecoachbus.com/tickets - Weekly or longer tickets from the Travelmaster range can be bought and loaded onto your smart card online at https://sytravelmaster.com/ - Weekly or longer tickets from the Travelmaster range can be bought and loaded onto your smart card at Payzone shops - The full range of weekly and 28 day tickets are available from self service vending machines at bus interchanges - train inclusive weekly tickets are available from staffed railway station ticket sales offices. WHAT IS THE TRAVELMASTER RANGE? These tickets offer unlimited travel and are valid on all operators' services, not just one company. 1 day, 7 day, 28 day and annual versions area available. The range includes Citybus - all buses within Sheffield Citywide - all buses and trams within Sheffield South Yorkshire Connect / Child Getabout - all buses and trams in South Yorkshire South Yorkshire Connect+ / Child Getabout+ - all buses, trams and local trains in South Yorkshire. Weekly and longer tickets are loaded onto smart cards. If you don't already hold one they are available for £1 from bus drivers, tram conductors and vending machines. More info: https://sytravelmaster.com/
  17. Some changes to buses operated by Hulleys of Baslow from Wednesday 13th May, including a peak time commuter trip introduced on route 271 from Castleton to Sheffield in the morning at 07:30 and back in the evening at 17:20. http://www.hulleys-of-baslow.co.uk/travel-updates Also note the summer train timetables commence on Sunday 17th May
  18. Something to look forward to next summer... in the meantime hopefully the regular venues that put music on (pubs, clubs etc) should get back up and running in the autumn and will need your support!
  19. It isn't once an hour though. The First 24 is running half hourly, double the previous hourly frequency, with one of those two buses an hour duplicated by a Stagecoach 25 giving double the capacity at that time. Whichever 24 or 25 turns up first, if there isn't enough space, rather than cramming on then people will know there is another bus right behind to get on. However First only announced their change on Thursday, the day before a bank holiday, imagine Stagecoach will come into the office tomorrow and start thinking about what changes they want to make, which of course involves writing a new timetable, arranging changes to drivers shifts, setting up an electronic timetable file for the app, providing all the running information for the control room, consulting the various authorities and all the other work involved in a timetable change!
  20. All public transport operation is not financially viable at the moment and would have completely ceased to operate if it wasn't for the government coming up with funding, enough to cover losses providing the current skeleton level of service. It is worth noting First bus postponed their regular January price change to July but other than that then as long as government support is forthcoming whilst social distancing measures are in force ticket prices shouldn't go up beyond the normal annual review.
  21. I would imagine now Stagecoach are aware they may change the times of the 25 (so much for the bus partnership coordinating timetables!) But in the meantime duplicate buses each hour mean more capacity for social distancing
  22. Was inevitable I think, only 2 and a half months away an event with huge crowds of party goers is probably not going to be allowed, will be interesting to see what Boris has to say Sunday evening!
  23. don't forget there are also other services into town from Gleadless as well as the First 51 - TM Travel bus 252 is running a revised timetable which you can find here: http://www.tmtravel.co.uk/ plus the Blue & Purple tram routes. Buy a Citywide pass from https://sytravelmaster.com/ and you can get on any.
  24. First have their posted their new timetables online this morning, you need to click the "forthcoming timetables" tab to view next weeks. 51 on weekdays appears to be a half hourly service with last buses around 9pm.
  25. Further changes to the Covid19 emergency timetables from 11th May from First bus. This generally seems to be an increase in frequency: services 11, 11a, 20, 24, 51, 52a, 66, 71, 72, 73, 75, 76, 81, 82, 83, 87, 87a, 97, 98, 120, X1, X10, X5 & X78 https://www.firstgroup.com/south-yorkshire/news-and-service-updates/coronavirus-covid19-service-information
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