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  1. Hello. My son is looking for an apprenticeship in accounts / finance. Asking for any ideas of company's to approach? Thanks.
  2. Getting an Xbox one when comes out in shops. But son wants to keep Xbox 360 as well. We both use same live account and gamer tag. I have heard that you can possibly use same gamer tag / live account on both consoles is this true?
  3. Someone in family struggling. So in short do these medications work, of cause more problem than solve?
  4. Just read post and interested in your development? Please reply.
  5. Just used most of my contracted data without my knowing in the house, even though connected to Wi-Fi, somehow my phone as still been using my mobile data, instead of Wi-Fi data. I now know too turn-off mobile data when in house to use only Wi-Fi. My question is about 3G. I know if I switch 3G off when connect to Wi-Fi my battery will last much longer, but does this effect my speed at all? Also when I use my phone outside, I know to switch mobile data back on to enable my mobile connection, but do I also need to switch 3G back on when outdoors or wouldn't this make much difference?
  6. You recommend one, just a nightmare picking a phone.
  7. Would like to ask with this being an iphone would he only be able to use apple's music. Would he still be able to use his mp3 music from computer that is stored on windows media player and music from discs? Or would have to buy all music from iTunes?
  8. Your probably correct. Put the bracelet back on about 3 hours ago, loosen it off much more this time, but still get the dull ache in wrist wearing it on. I now taken it off for good. Like you said probably just me, reacting negatively to copper / magnetic affect. Good job only a tenner.
  9. The two answers above, well don't actually answer the question at all. ( Should I be surprised? )
  10. Three days ago I bought a magnetic bracelet. I now have a dull pain in the wrist wearing it on and bruising on my wrist. I have now took the bracelet off. So question is, anyone had this reaction to one of these bracelets or know anyone, or is it just me?
  11. Thank you for all the fantastic responses, I have so far chosen two, which are now ordered and many more to look into. Looks like this thread is going cost a lot of money, I did ask.
  12. Hey thank you, just google'd it and looks interesting, but doesn't grab me, but thanks you anyhow.
  13. Thank you, but no thanks. Not my sort of guy. Wouldn't give him the time of day. ---------- Post added 02-04-2013 at 21:45 ---------- Open to anything. Always ready to take a new path.
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