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  1. Do you live in Crookes and would like to find out more about local events, issues and ways of working together, to improve things for everyone? The Crookes Forum is an independent community group, run entirely by volunteers, and is all about promoting neighbourliness. All are welcome to our monthly meetings; the next one is on Wednesday 12th June, from 7.30 to 8.30pm at the Crookes Social Club on Mulehouse Road. Please come along to find out about and share news of local events and activities.
  2. Come along to a talk on how you cooked meals in Victorian times, describing the equipment used, the techniques and the hard work involved in cooking before electricity and labour-saving devices. The Bustle Lady is giving a one-hour entertaining and enlightening talk on the logistics and techniques in the Victorian kitchen of the 1870s - it was a lot more complicated than you'd think. Come to the Hallamshire Proprietary Bowling Club, on the corner of Hands Road and Townend Street, Crookes (a Victorian hidden gem in its own right) on Sunday 29th October, at 3.00pm.
  3. How will you find and select the buddies for people to turn to? Will you use any vetting system to pair suitable people up? And how much time would a buddy expect to spend doing this? It could get quite time-consuming, unless you were anticipating paying people to be buddies, you may find they can't spare the time. I wish you well, though, and I'm sure it'll be a useful service.
  4. I'm an Instructional Designer. This is someone who writes open learning courses for computer based training. I'm currently doing one on Plumbing! I just love it when those survey people ask what I do for a living, and I say 'Instructional Designer' and they have no idea what it is, so can't code it into their SOC codes!
  5. I have a spacious 40-foot studio just come available, for whom I would prefer a lady professional, but would also suit a couple, as there's a double bed and plenty of space. Suits someone who is looking for privacy, quiet and nice surroundings. £90 per week includes washing, ironing, cleaning and fuel. No other bills to pay except own food and mobile phone! Use of garden and facilities. House has one resident friendly cat. Note: this is not a flat, but is considerably better accomodation than a traditional rented room. Tel 07903065060
  6. Hello Marcial, how much are you looking to spend, and is area important to you? Do you need to be close to where you're studying? If you supply a bit more detail, I'll see what I can suggest that might help you. Regards, A. Marples
  7. Sarah, do you have a place to stay sorted yet? My studio is coming available at the beginning of October. In Crookes, very large, private, quiet, very nicely decorated. Get in touch if you would like to discuss. Anne
  8. I have a spacious 40-foot studio lodging, suit a lady professional who is looking for privacy, quiet and space. £90 per week includes washing, ironing, cleaning and fuel. Tel 07903065060
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