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  1. Just having a think back to the old days before the station was redeveloped. Any memories of it in the 80s? I recall the old style Inter City trains quite well that served St Pancras.
  2. Rumour has it that some of the subways of the time of the "Hole In The Road" are still there? Is this true? Somebody said you could access them from the Co-Op.
  3. Is the present HMV in a different place these days? I seem to recall it further up the road. And McDonalds - wasn't it a fair distance from the main shopping area during the 1980s? Just reminiscing.
  4. I remember the Hole In The Road only too well. It was the 1980s when I first went through it, and it was beginning to deteriorate by that point. But it was, architecturally, very significant. It was so unusual. I think the fact that it was filled in in 1995 or so is quite ironic. It will be ever tied up in our memories with those good days of the 1970s and 1980s. It made a major difference to the city centre, and although I don't hanker after the poor homeless guys down there, or the dirt or the whiffs - it is sadly missed. And imagine not being able to have a fag around there.
  5. Last question! Promise!! I also recall a part of the shopping centre as "Orchard Square". There was a Waterstones near there, and you could walk down a pedestrianised area to a place full of coffee bars and restaurants. It had a glass lift. Sure I wasn't dreaming it - maybe I was! It would have been in 1988 or so.
  6. Anyone got memories of this spit and sawdust type place? I went in many times. So much smoke, it was unreal - even though I smoke, I retched! I noticed it was closed down, when did this happen? Cheers.
  7. Not sure, but it is a massive building. Climbing the hill there.
  8. Haha! White turds! I haven't seen one of those for years.
  9. Hi there. I grew up in the High Peak in the 1980s, and used to visit Sheffield with my father. Great memories. I couldn't believe the hole in the road had gone, that was some subway system! I went back, now living in London, last month. A large building, stone, which is near the entrance to Sheffield Interchange on the hill caught my eye. I think it was even disused 20 years back. What was it? It looks like an old DSS office, or court? Just got me wondering.... Cheers.
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