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  1. Hi, Everything ‘seems’ to be working fine with plenty of physical memory on C drive. Thank you very much for your help:thumbsup:
  2. Hi and thanks The EaseUS does not load in safe mode? Is it wise to delete in normal mode?
  3. Hi Thanks for all your replies:thumbsup: Disk management has stated Disk 0 with the capacity being C plus D. I have downloaded the EraseUS and had a play - play being the meaning so not applied anything! I can partition D to get extra data but this gives me an option of creating an F drive so, presuming i have understood correctly, is not what I am wanting to do unless I make the new drive primary rather than logical? Any idea in relatively easy steps of the best way?
  4. Hi, first things first I’m useless with computers! I could program BASIC on my old Commodore 64 but that was 30 years ago:hihi: Ok so I have a laptop, many years old, but works fine - apart from this. There is a C drive that holds 271GB with practically zero free. I have a D drive that holds 407GB that is practically empty. How can I start utilising the D drive? Do I just copy files over or is there a way of setting it up that the D drive is my main drive and everything uses it goes through that? There must be some sort of wizard on windows for this? For info it’s a Samsung laptop running windows 7 home premium. If you need any other info please let me know. Thanks in advance Rob
  5. Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad we are all in general agreement:thumbsup: A maid would be very tempting but its not like I live in a mansion so could hardly justify it:hihi: Next time an opportunity comes up I will mention it. I was speaking to another mate as this guy lived with him for four years and he was exactly the same - that mate use to hide the toilet paper!! TBH I think he genuinely naive and a mummy's boy who expects everything to be done for him. I know many years ago he lived with a girl who literally wiped his backside and did EVERYTHING for him. No wonder she dumped him! When he came to look around (BTW he asked to move in because other mate was kicking him out so he could move his mrs in) I made it clear Im not here to mother him. Obviously not clear enough! What I didnt mention in the original post his girlfriend stops here more and more regular. We need to discuss that too:roll: Anyway, thanks for the feedback, greatly appreciated:thumbsup: Rob
  6. Hi, Hope you can help with a conundrum! So, I have my own home and rent a room out to a mate, somebody I have known a long time and I'm not sure whether to challenge him on a couple of very MINOR things which I am well aware makes me sound a bit petty!!! If you are a lodger in somebodys home and you pay your money to rent a room every week is that justified for you to do literally nothing? When he uses the kitchen he cleans up after himself which I am obviously happy with but its the little things like I buy things like toilet paper, dishwasher tablets, foil and so on which he obviously uses but never replaces. If I dont buy then god knows how he wipes his backside:gag: He doesnt hoover or clean the shower. The cleanliness of the house is purely down to me. Like I said he cleans after himself in the kitchen and takes his pots away but thats it. Am I being unreasonable for expecting him to hoover once in a blue moon or to buy toilet paper and so on? I havent challenged him on this because I dont want to rock the boat and it is easy money for me!! I am just wanting feedback as to whether I am expecting too much!! Thanks for any feedback in advance:thumbsup:
  7. Dont know how I have done it but somehow got them back Thank you very much for all your help:thumbsup:
  8. Just discovered my icloud backup is off. Can I get everything from my itunes account on computer?
  9. Hi, I have lost all my contacts on my Iphone 4s. No idea how!!! I have tried syncing but to no joy. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  10. How long you been self employed for?
  11. Read the other posts. The point is however high your deposit and low loan to value if you cannot afford the mortgage you wont get one.
  12. Question, if you want a 10% loan to value mortgage but you cannot prove you can afford the loan, do you think you will receive it? Example, value of property 400k, want to borrow 40k but can only prove income of say being able to afford a 30k loan. Will you receive the mortgage or not? I think not. No matter what the loan or equity a reputable lender will not lend the money if the client cannot afford it. That is the point of MMR and why cash is not king. IT IS ALL ABOUT AFFORDABILITY AND WHETHER THE CLIENT CAN AFFORD NOT JUST TO GET THE MORTGAGE BUT KEEP THE MORTGAGE!!!!! Extreme example but you get what I am saying. ---------- Post added 06-06-2014 at 21:39 ---------- Congratulations. Its all about proving you can afford it and keeping it.
  13. As another poster says try the Halifax. They use affordability so how much they will lend depends on financial dependence and your age. I'm guessing you do have children which will hammer how much they will lend. As the other poster said, try their affordability calculator. ---------- Post added 05-06-2014 at 22:09 ---------- Cash is certainly not king and the days of having a high deposit to guarantee a mortgage are over. Its all about proving you can afford the mortgage. ---------- Post added 05-06-2014 at 22:15 ---------- Those were the days for a broker, sell the mortgage and to hell with the consequences. You are unlucky to be stuck on a lenders variable interest rate although I obviously have no idea what you are paying. However, you say you cannot show you earn enough to afford a mortgage. Is that because you genuinely dont earn enough or because you tell the tax man what you want to tell him and do cash jobs off the books? Obviously I dont expect you to mention on here you hide earnings from the tax man but if you do, no sympathy!! Pay the tax your meant to. Lenders will lend to self employed what they declare. ---------- Post added 05-06-2014 at 22:17 ---------- Does the non advice apply to all lenders post MMR? ALL Halifax advisors advice on the clients mortgage and I was under the impression ALL lenders now had to give advice either direct or through a broker but I dont know if its Halifax interpretation of MMR or not. ---------- Post added 05-06-2014 at 22:22 ---------- If, for example, someone applies to the Halifax for a mortgage and they tell the advisor their income accurately. Again example Mr Jones says he earns 20k and and his wage slip proves he earns 20k then he will get the mortgage offer as soon as the payslip is verified and the valuation is done. What a lot of potential mortgage customer find difficult is knowing how much they earn and relaying that to the lender accurately. The mortgage offer is only slow if customers are not proactive and try to hide the truth.
  14. switched on and no pictures. Followed your advice and touch wood seems to be ok, cheers:)
  15. Thanks for replying. I tried that and then nothing would load so i just unstalled and reinstalled firefox and problem seems sorted. Cheers for your help:thumbsup:
  16. Suddenly websites are not loading pictures. For example, on BBC website everything shows up except pictures. No idea why this has suddenly started happening:confused: Using firefox but not done anything to my computer. Very annoying. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks:thumbsup:
  17. They did. Apparently the driver for some reason thought the lights changed to green from furnival street. Missed traffic heading to the wicker but hit traffic on the other side. Healthwise he got away with it. Very lucky person.
  18. I dont know Santanders lending policy but is your husbands self employment losing money? Or do you have debts that will be outstanding after you move? Affordability must be quite low not to be able afford 50/60k Mortgages are more difficult since MMR
  19. haha its not like that!!! ---------- Post added 23-04-2013 at 17:42 ---------- She doesnt have her friends into groups.. ---------- Post added 24-04-2013 at 17:28 ---------- Any facebook experts?
  20. Thanks I'll ask her. For what its worth my sister is a fb friend who is an acquaintance, I'm a little more
  21. if so how come my sister can see everything?
  22. tbh i know nothing about google + I have been on fb for years and have a lot of friends so everything about it suits me fine!! When I say lots of friends I'm not a sad git who will add anybody ;-) Do you have any idea about this privacy issue?
  23. haha maybe pal but its all fb I'm afraid!!
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