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  1. Good morning folks. I am looking at clearing out my overgrown back garden which is in a pretty bad state. Just wondering if anybody recommendeds somewhere cheap to hire a petrol heavy duty strimmer to help me do this. Hope someone can point me in the right direction. Thank you
  2. Awesome. Don't normally get down that far but I'll make an exception on my way home from work tomorrow. Thank you
  3. Has anybody seen any bonfire toffee for sale this year? I normally like a bit but can't seem to find it. City centre area would be good if anyone knows where I can get some from. Thanks
  4. Hmm I'm in S12 too. I'll give them a ring in the morning and find out what the crack is
  5. I arrived home late this evening and went to take the black bin back down the path to find that it had not been emptied this morning like it should have been. It's not just mine either. The whole street still has its bins out. Anybody else had this problem?
  6. Most companies like this work on targets from head office about how many complaints they receive. Email them again telling them how disappointed you are about the complaint and how much more disappointed you are that they haven't acknowledged your original email and that you will be contacting head office with the matter. You will soon get a reply!
  7. surely that should be "supporters" o wise one. *cough* moron *cough*
  8. Just a random question but does anyone know why the KFC at haymarket is closed?? Been past it twice this week about 6pm and it has been closed?!
  9. 500mb speed! wish i could have that lol, im with plus net, never had any problems
  10. Hey guys, i'm wanting to learn how to drive and wanted to know if anyone knew of any cheap but good driving instructors?
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