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  1. It goes up quite a lot if you say your car will be secured in a garage rather than parked on the street. No idea why its so stupid. Try going on confused or something and get the same quote for both in a garage and on the street, youll be shocked at the difference.
  2. Think this will have blown all the way from Leeds Fest! ha. I bet the police loved you phoning to tell them youve found a tent......
  3. Have you ever been to costco in Sheffield? Thats a proper carpark. Spaces are about half as wide again as the ones at all the big supermarkets. As for the speedbumps..... i dont know what goes through their head!
  4. My bedroom furniture is from Ponsford. Had it about 8 years and still looks new! You get what you pay for.
  5. Sounds fine to me! i mean come on, if you park in the space furthest away from the doors the maximum time it can take to get inside must be 40 seconds? Going off topic a bit, someone told me they have put in some rather big speedbumps. does anyone know how bad these are? because my car dosent like speedbumps!
  6. I think youll find that anyone who can tell a good musician from the crap thats been made day in day out will tell you that Winehouse was one of the best! All her tunes were genuine and her lifestyle was what shaped her music. Anyone who says she will be forgotten about in a month is very deluded!
  7. If they do it, it should only be in school hours. If they use speedbumps they need shooting and should pay to fix all the cars they are damaging.
  8. Stop been such a moaner!! kids are hardly going to break them are they! i use to love running around them years ago when i was a little kid! Also agree they should stay inside.
  9. there was a sneaky one this morning near the wetherby pub in aston at about 8am!! just at one of those places where 200 yards up the road it changes to 40mph, but everyone driving through the crossroads speeds up before it so i bet they caught loads :@
  10. will prob be on the balcony upstairs... if it it then you'll have an amazing view
  11. Its not bad for students at all. I go quite a lot and mon - thurs you can get 2for1 so its about £2.70 each. As for food sometimes i take a burgerking in with me and just stick it in the girlfriends bag no problem. Last few times ive been ive taken crisps, sweets and a few bottles of beer in with me in a clear asda bag and no ones even given me a second look.
  12. Its the door policy to have the right clothes on. If you look a bit chavy or a bit of a thug they wont let you in.
  13. You should try going to corp if you think O2 is dirty.....
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