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  1. Those stranded at Meadowhall (including a friend) have complained at the lack of blankets/refreshments - they had to buy their own apparently. Look North have have just reported that Meadowhall have refused an interview or to issue a statement today. Disgusting really, about time we all voted with our feet.
  2. Thanks for your feedback, sounds like Arena noise isn't going to be a problem.
  3. I'm looking to move across the city, possibly around the Wincobank area. Anyone know if gigs at the Arena can be heard at night and how much of a disturbance this is? Thanks.
  4. Saw Fast and Furious 8 at Sheffield's new Light Cinema last night - first showing open to the public. Despite a few teething issues with the film I was quite impressed with the facilities - comfy, spacious seats and a decent choice of food which didn't seem quite as extortionately priced as the big chains. Worth a look now it's finally complete.
  5. Yes you can, I just did mine this week. Provided you are renewing your passport and can still be identified from your old photograph (mine was 20 years old!) you can upload a new digital photograph (selfie or by somebody else) and the entire process is handled electronically. The photograph will get checked to make sure there are no problems such as shadows or smiles or hats. If there are problems you can simply upload a different photograph. I was very impressed with the service and my new passport arrived within 5 days.
  6. Avoid Wadsley Bridge area, looks like the Carphone Warehouse is on fire. Penistone Road closed heading North!
  7. Mystery solved, it's Virgin Media so must be for cable.
  8. Anybody know why channels are being dug in all the pavements around Baxter Road and Baxter Mews? Can't find any information anywhere. Cheers
  9. The bedrooms are off the hallway so we're having to keep the bedroom doors closed to stop the light, that's OK in this weather but won't be any use in the summer when I'm sweating my bollards off!
  10. I'm in two minds about these new LED lights. As a driver, I find the 'pools' of light they create quite distracting and often mistake the effect for another car coming round the corner - this seems to be worse around Hill Top / Storrs where there is less lighting anyway - Maybe I'll get used to it! I won't, however, get used to the one shining right into my hallway which is now lit up like a Christmas tree all night long. Why on earth haven't they put guards on the posts to stop them shining back into properties?
  11. Anyone out there having recent problems with Freeview channels? For about a week I'm sometimes getting no signal at all or have missing channels.
  12. He's quoted as saying: "I am disappointed with the leadership and I think some people are more interested in furthering their own political ambitions." Can you explain to me what defecting from the Lib Dem opposition to the Labour Party in power is if not furthering your own political ambition? If you're fed up with the Lib Dems you should have resigned honorably and stood in a by-election! What a hypocrite!
  13. OP, your son must be really demoralised by having to bring home incomplete work on a regular basis surely this indicates that the level of the work isn't appropriate in the first place? I'd arrange to meet your child's teacher and suggest that he needs different work or possibly access to a computer or laptop to help speed up his writing. Schools can loan ICT equipment from the learning support service for children with writing difficulties.
  14. The sight of the failed turbines left to rot doesn't exactly sit well with the name 'Advanced Manufacturing Park' does it?!!!
  15. I'd just like to remind everyone of the facts about Thatcher's decision in 1971 to remove free school milk for children aged between 7 and 11. The 1946 Free Milk Act provided a daily third-of-a-pint of milk to all children under 18. So, you may ask, what happened to the milk for 11 to 18 year olds? It had already been scrapped in 1968 by Harold Wilson's Labour government and affected many more children than Thatcher's move 3 years later. Not that I agree with Thatcher's decision, but we never hear anything about the Labour government's cut in 1968 do we?
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