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  1. My neighbour has just had his distinctive mountain bike stolen - has anyone seen it being ridden down hill from Crookesmoor to Upperthorpe and beyond? It's a full suspension "Orange 5 Pro" - Orange is the brand. It's also orange in colour. Well, more like ORANGE - fluro orange with white forks and a black rear mudguard. The thief stole it and rode it down the hill about an hour ago. If anyone saw it please let me know. Ashberry Road, Addy Street and beyond - Infirmary Road, possibly. The guy riding looked uncomfortable on a bike, like he was going to fall off and the bike has no front wheel axle so he may well do! Fingers crossed...
  2. Another recommendation for PA Autos. Have been brilliant for us.
  3. ukstudent - Thanks for that. That explains it, bad news, hope they are trading again soon. Unfortunately the Charity Unleashed site is now down too!
  4. Old thread, same question! Anyone been, what level was it and subject covered? More importantly - website down and phone is ringing out. Are they even still trading?! Ta!
  5. Seconded. Paul Wilson tel 01142745656 He has looked after rugby players and athletes of all sorts. Also kept many of my mates on their bikes despite big crashes. To quote one of them "He has fingers of steel and is not afraid to use them!" The use of his elbow for deep tissue massage on my thigh delivered about the amount of pain it sounds like you are after.
  6. Source, for sure. Great service, the guys are real enthusiast but understand that everyone has a budget and can recommend something to suit. http://www.sourcecars.com/
  7. Steve, your 'roofer man' is a complete star. He's just been up the roof in the rain and rescued the bird. Only snag - it didn't want helping out the top to took the adrenaline trip down the flue. We've now got a study full of soot and feathers! It's made it out the window and is perched in a tree with it's mate. Good news! Nice guy, we'll have him back to put bird guards in!
  8. Thanks - I'll look up AKITA. I did phone an animal rescue I found on Google. Their advice was 'wait for it to drop'. It's about 18 feet to the fireplace so quite a drop! And if it dies up there and doesn't drop, we've still got a problem Steve's 'roofer man' is calling back later if it dries up. Fingers crossed the weather changes in time for the bird!
  9. A Collared Dove has go itself into our chimney pot and is sat on a ledge at the top of the flue, just below the pot. The top of the pot is about 30 feet up. It's been there a couple of days and can't get out. We've tried to scare it up or tempt it down with light and food but no luck. It's mate is sat on top of the pot insistently cooing down to it. The birds have been regular visitors to our garden for years so we'd like to save it if at all possible. RSPCA have been round and recommended that a roofer or chimney sweep could help carefully lift it out the top. The RSPCA will then help revive it. I've called a couple of sweeps - no answer/reply as yet. I've also called a roofer and no reply. If anyone can help rescue it - and possibly fit a bird-proof cover while they are up there - please drop me a PM asap. We're near Crookesmoor/Commonside area. Thanks!
  10. I have vans for my sport (bikes!) - and have been doing up a knackered house and garden for years. Have been turning up at Shirecliffe with a van full, sometimes twice a day, no questions ever asked! Maybe I've been lucky or it's obviously private but there are all sorts there, flatbeds, trade vans etc. Best check the system though!
  11. Veggie oil is an option - and increasingly tempting - but a word of caution before anyone bangs it in the tank. Even fresh stuff can destroy some engines. More modern CDi engines are more fussy than older one. Do the research carefully and also Google 'ring gumming' as this is a hidden and progressive problem than can lead to total and sudden engine failure. However, there's lot of success stories too so if you give it a whirl, good luck!
  12. Another vote for Source. Best customer service by a mile from the others I've been to.
  13. They have a real cult status - check this out: http://www.rcoc.co.uk/ Mint Choppers fetch a lot!
  14. I'd also recommend you have a look at the Nikon range of cameras at the same time. Try both Nikon and Canon side by side, play with the controls and make your choice. Both Nikon and Canon are excellent - it's down to personal preference. Nikon fit my hand much better, I find them more ergonomic, easier to use and prefer the build. The Nikon 18-70 kit lens is very highly regarded for the price and has a bit bigger range than a 55. Not sure which bodies it comes with though. If you are shooting on a nature reserve, also look into a telephoto zoom lens in the region of 70-300mm. Sigma make some great, affordable lenses. Harrisons on London road is another good shop with great range of dSLRs and lenses.
  15. I met a girl at a gig but didn't get her number. Met her again a few months later. That was 13 years ago and we've now been married 2 1/2 years! Good luck!
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