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  1. dont pay it.......iv had them...dont even write to them...ignor what they have to say....its all guff....they frighten you into giving them cash its a scam...i took one to the police..they said burn it...or bin it...give it here and we will do it for you.....
  2. very nice chips...best in the area...they get my vote......... ---------- Post added 11-05-2013 at 14:36 ---------- it does open saturdays...mainley in the day time
  3. no its not longley farm..as it was called ---------- Post added 11-05-2013 at 14:33 ---------- millhouses???
  4. deffo its my mother-in-law...the ski slope creeper....strange old bird
  5. i think tho its keepin things alive from the pylons its call stastic .....thats charging em up.....a bit like ready breck men...from frosties.....but could be wrong tho..ill think about that one..........
  6. i remember back in 63-65 that skulls was found in the trees by people..it made the head lines ..a witch cult had dug em up...their are pentagrams on the stones today..i must admit tho ..their are strange lights.and noises in wardsend....and the buzzing from plylons..this makes it true i think.theirs loads of secret passages under the cemetry..that was dug out by the romans..that was looking for lead..and iron ore..so the monster could be in their...i think it goes from their to rotherham these tunnels...so romans must have had electric to drill and see....
  7. no sputnic people that was training for mars in the war my mam gave them hot drinks and toast before she whent to work in the steel factory
  8. mi mam said during the war they did experiments up their and she said when she was courting she did see strange things and light that moved about in bushes..and some escaped..may be their still out their
  9. and 3 penalty points on a car licence if you have one............
  10. i say good luck to you mate..police on wordsworth was dishing out fines to cyclists the other day for not having a bell on bikes..£25 fine...they must be low on funs........
  11. may be its some thing top secret.. their doing up their..next time offer her a cup of tea and a fag may be you will get some where in going mental gets you know where
  12. you only see fairies in the warm summer months as just before sept-october they climb on the backs of migrating birds ..this happens every year..so in may-june they return.on the backs of sea gulls..thats why you dont see them in winter..its cold for them and they build their houses under rubarb plants..even in old plant pots..fairy rings are common to see even on the moon during the winter months
  13. i remember some months ago reading that childrens play group was having a live animals nativity play..using live animals.i think some escaped..the head lines was ..wacko nativity play goes wrong..well some thing like that
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