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  1. Field of Dreams always gets me at the end
  2. Seven of the largest electrical employers have decided to introduce new terms and conditions and a new grading system, they gave notice to their employees just over 3 months ago the deadline being 7th of december to either sign or be out of work. Unite, the union, balloted the members of BBES and had a majority of 81% to start industrial action but BBES soliciters declared it an illegal ballot so Unite now have to reballot. Unite have been slow getting off their backsides so far and much of the organising and information sharing has been done by the rank and file. There are other issues too like the growing difficulty in getting a job on the books and being forced to work via an agency to get employement which seems to allow some employment laws to be bypassed and saves the employer paying NI Maybe the employers are really just trying to do whats best for everyone involved personaly I think they would be extreemly happy if they could order their employees around with impunity disregarding any and all employment laws and JIB/Union agreements. have a read of some of whats happening http://www.jibelectrician.blogspot.com/
  3. Electricians (and others) are currently fighting against the deskilling of the trade, the removal of longstanding terms and conditions and a potential 36% wage cut. It dosnt seem to have made much of a media impression as yet but for the last few months there have been demos and walkouts all over the country
  4. Picture this, we were driving passed the car park just before the suprise (after fox house) 07:15 Friday morning, One vehicle parked in the car park, it was maybe some sort of camper van but no windows, a pretty young woman in the middle of the car park slowly dancing to, and enjoying, the morning sun (so it seemed) Kinda made my day to see what appeared to be such a free spirit
  5. If you want to be a workplace lawyer thats all well and good but do consider its an employers market right now, walking out without permission could be classed as you just quit your job. No, im not suggesting you just roll over and take all the **** they throw at you but there usualy has to be a bit of give and take in any job (extra pay, come late the next time or go early for a full shifts pay), if there isn't then start a grievance. Personaly I would appologise for walking out and use that conversation to express concerns and give the manager a chance to improve the situation (youve allready made it clear your not a doormat by walking out) Walking out really isnt the way to deal with the situation..... even though i've done it twice myself, lol
  6. I was told its a public holiday and not a bank holiday Apparently I can take the day off without pay or choose to use one of my 20 annual holiday days. As my employers clients site is closing for the day I am forced into the situation of using an annual leave day..... for a wedding I didnt even get an invite for ;(
  7. I'm on methotrexate currently having tried all the creams they threw at me, at one point I was spending 2 hours or so a day applying various creams, I was offered UV treatment at one point but the 3 visits a week for a month would have been the end of my job and while the UV treatment may have worked as soon as the treatment stopped more than likely the psoriasis would come back. By all means try the treatments your doctor recomends allthough my understanding is that steriod creams are a no no for psoriasis, try what people suggest but dont expect instant results, theres no cure you just have to figure out how to control it and try and keep it in remission, every case is different, what may be a miracle cure for one person has no effect for another. Try and get referred if you feel you have exhausted the treatments offered by your doctor, I think I was a couple of years before getting referred and he actualy asked me if I wanted to be. Stay posative, dont let it control your life, instead learn to control it
  8. I got mine cut at Abbey Glass on Chesterfield road, it was several years ago and the price then was around £10 per shelf each shelf 20" square made from reinforced 10mm glass
  9. Had some issues trying to open a savings account there earlier this year, from the start of the process I think you have one month to get it completed or they have to start over, my application was rejected three times before it finaly timed out, each time it was due to an error at woodseats post office in filling out the part of the form they need to complete. After a little thought I decided not to open an account, after all I would be handing over money for them to pay into my account with seemingly no telling where it could have ended up
  10. I actually have a similar problem on Sunday 7th November, so far its looking like either a taxi or go the day before by train and stay in a hotel. So far I have been quoted £70 for a taxi and then a return train trip for me or £40-£50 rail fairs the day before and the price of a hotel room (varies)
  11. Happy to say my parcel arrived, 12 days late but its here, I was a little concerned as the last order from the same company (same order) arrived in 3 days and was left on the doorstep, no note or anything and I was begining to worry that the same had happened again but someone had taken the parcel (it would be in full view of the street) anyway, alls well that ends well
  12. Because the the company I placed the order with stated they would be using Royal mail
  13. I also have a parcel that should be coming through woodseats sorting office, I was expecting it 9 days ago, how long to leave this before I start chasing it ?
  14. It seems my personal boycot of meadowhall is to continue, the last time I was there I was verbally abused and threatened at knifepoint by 4 youths.... ok so that was 15 years ago and they didnt actually start on me untill I asked them what the problem was (they were harrasing someone nearbye), the 2 other people in view looked the other way including the person who was originaly being harrased, lol My point, if im indeed trying to make one is life is full of risks, once you learn the risks you either eliminate them or avoid them, thats just a simple risk assesment. Ive shopped localy, in the city center and online for 15 years now, ive not seen or had any trouble in all that time
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