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  1. 32 minutes ago, fools said:

    how to use a mask, put it on, take it off, dispose or disinfect or put to one side and re use at a later date. it's not hard.  The ooh i've been on a ppe course to tell us to take it off by the strap people disagree I'm sure, but that's not what this is about.




    You missed out the bits about being face fitted for the type of mask used, being clean shaven and using the appropriate mask for the hazard.

  2. 34 minutes ago, onewheeldave said:

    Yes, that is correct. Everyone can leave the house, even if they are over 70. The people who need to stay in are those classed as 'shielded' or "extremely vulnerable'


    "This includes people who:

    have had an organ transplant
    are having certain types of cancer treatment
    have blood or bone marrow cancer, such as leukaemia
    have a severe lung condition, such as cystic fibrosis or severe asthma
    have a condition or are taking medicine that makes them much more likely to get infections
    are pregnant and have a serious heart condition"


    Everything ive read says its advice, people are "advised" to shield if in extremely vulnerable  group, or, people "should" shield in the extremely vulnerable group,  I can not recollect reading anywhere where anyone official has actually stated you must or shall shield or self isolate.


     My GP "advised" me to shield and wait for the shielding letter but told me they are not the ones sending them.


    Hospital told me to follow the GP's advice and that I would receive a shielding letter but they were not the ones sending them.


    I find it a bit odd they say that as so far the few other people who have received a shielding letter got them from their GP or hospital.


  3. People still do not understand whats happening or what they should be doing, just this morning seeing someone post on social media that they rode from their house into the nearby countryside, rode on trails and tracks had to climb fences and walls and got lost in some woods and then commended themselves on social distancing.


    This is not really the time to be trying to carry on as near normal as possible.

  4. 19 minutes ago, ECCOnoob said:


    I find it hard to believe there is not something in your records.    I would have a discussion with either the treating physicians office or the surgery if its something you need to request. 



    I don't find it hard to believe at all, I have been with this GP for just 2 or 3 years yet my records only go back just over 1 year, the hospital consultant I have now been seeing for around 25 years.


    Perhaps I just don't have access to all of my records or the communications between the hospital and my GP, although I do usually get copies of those letters.

  5. 48 minutes ago, steve68 said:

    You should  maybe contact your G.P,  My G.P put all my Hospital home care drugs on my G.P prescription  list but can't be ordered via G.P they read  **********hospital only do not dispense********** 

    There are no records of my hospital treatments on my GP records, I just checked.


    Looks like I will have to wait untill 29th of March before contacting my GP according to current guidelines.

  6. 16 minutes ago, steve68 said:

    This maybe helpful for anyone immunosuppressants for rheumatoid therapies.




    I'm on a Biological  treatment have been for 5 yrs, which according to the link means, I'm probably in the high to very high category, but it may not  be straightforward for everyone, as it might not be recorded by their primary care  (G.Ps) although for me it should be fine as about a month ago my  G.P did actually add the bio treatment to my prescription list, so  for me, I should be traceable through the G.P practice.


    From the link


    NB the following biologics may or may not be on a primary care record/database as they are prescribed in secondary care but can be searched for on HES if given in a day case unit, eg X92.1 includes rituximab, tocilizumab and infliximab. Subcut drugs, eg adalimumab and etanercept, are supplied by homecare companies.

    The receipt of any biologic probably puts the patient in the high or very high category.


    Thanks for the link, being on methotrexate and a diabetic looks to put me into the high or very high category. I have a feeling that I will get skipped over as my GP isn't allowed to prescribe me the methotrexate, I can only get that from the hospital consultant, anyway, time will tell.

  7. 2 minutes ago, Waldo said:

    I thought there was some mention of food parcels being sent out to the shielded group. At least that’s what I understood from the last PM’s press conference.

    Yes that's correct, the wording on the nhs site isn't actually 100% clear to me


    People on immunosuppression therapies "sufficient" to significantly increase risk of infection.


    so I still have to wait up to a week to find out if im sufficiently immune suppressed.


    Mostly im just trying to not be a bother to others and sort out for myself whatever I can

  8. Maybe I should have panic bought?


    Looks like i'm going to be in the self isolation group for 12 weeks or shielding group as its now called, so I've just registered and tried to shop on 4 different online shopping sites, none have any delivery slots available.


    If anyone knows of any online shops that do have delivery slots available for new customers I would be interested to know



  9. From what I was reading earlier this week I think I was supposed to self isolate for 12 weeks, i'm diabetic and immune suppressed, yesterday it was saying 14 days and now it just seems to be just saying social distancing which is easy as I think ive been doing that for the last 30 years or so.


    An email today from my employer wanting me to sign a new contract of employment on Monday to reduce the working week, work overtime and weekends at a normal daily rate and take unpaid leave in periods of up to 4 weeks for the next 9 months.


    starting to get a bit stressed.


    On the good side I did manage to find a store today that had milk, first time in 6 days. :)

  10. I've been fortunate enough to have travelled this route to work for over 20 years, very little traffic, good roads and great views, I think in all honesty it has made almost any other journey (especially to work) a bit of a chore.


    Its not just the winter weather on this route that can cause issues, more in the winter months for sure but they occur all year round, as already noted the wall at the Fox House pub seems to get demolished yearly and the wall at the bridge just down from there and the wall at the surprise don't fare much better.


    A national speed limit from the Door Moor to the Millstone may be a little ambitious for those that see speed signs as a minimum especially when taking into account some of those nice scenic corners :)


    I think the sign listing the number of fatalities had already been placed when I started travelling that way but i'm not sure if its ever been updated or even if its still there.


    Maybe I've just been lucky, despite seeing cars through walls, into trees, onto verges, upside down cars, cars on there sides, cars in ditches etc so far the worse I have been involved in was a collision with a Badger, sadly the Badger did not survive. I also know of one gentleman who had the misfortune to have a deer run out in front of him, he wasn't hurt, the car was repaired but the deer didn't make it :(


    My advice for anyone travelling out that way would be to leave 10 minutes early and enjoy the journey.

  11. Over the last few months I have been doing quite a bit more walking around Sheffield than I have in some time. One of the things I have noticed is that there seem to be quite a few people sleeping rough.


    Places I have seen them include along the length of the Canal, Graves Park, Weston park, the cemetery on cemetery road, several doorways in the buildings around the cathedral and on the grass in front of the cathedral, tents on the grass on Nursery street and also in Crooks park and many more places including York, Rotherham, Chesterfield, seemingly everywhere


    I wonder where the public toilets are that they use

  12. Always curious when I pass 40/42 Blackstock Rd on the Gleadless Valley estate. An old house amongst the 1960's council development. How old is it, was it a farm building ?

    Please respect the privacy of the existing occupants ! Anyone with knowledge ?


    Although I am not sure of the exact age of the house I am told it's around 300 years old and was built for the district circuit judge, practicing at the Bagshawe perhaps ?. I seem to recall trying to figure out how old it was some years ago and at that time getting an age of around 270 years which would put it at around 290 years old now. It was originally just one dwelling and later divided into two, one side facing Blackstock road and the other side facing Blackstock drive.


    Apparently called "Last Cottage" due to it being the last house on the lane (Blackstock road) at the time.

  13. Got to admit i'm a bit concerned, new street light pole went in today, its about 1 foot closer to my bedroom window than the old light and about 5 foot higher, the old light is just below the level of my bedroom window, looks like the new one will be level with the top of the window and about 2 foot away.


    How bright are these things ? lol

  14. Having used the Kobo touch for a few days with the latest firmware I have to say I would not recommend it to anyone. Problems with page turning persist, it does seem to work ok after a complete restart for about 5 page turns but then it can take up to 10 touches to turn the page and I seem to end up with multiple page turns and occasionaly 1 touch will turn the page forward 2 pages or back one page.


    A little bit of searching has shown this to be a problem with the Kobo for the last several months.


    Wetting my finger before turning the page seems to give me much more reliable page turning


    Are there any issues with the Kindle touch ?, I can't see me being able to use the Kobo for extended periods, its just not a fluid reading experience :(

  15. I just got myself a Kobe touch, there seems to be an issue with it out of the box with turning pages, screen touches not recognised, several presses required to turn the page, sometimes page turning more than one page, this made it very frustrating and irritating to use. I updated the Kobo touch firmware via the kobo desktop program and this has improved things, its still not 100% reliable at page turning but now the occasional glitch seems to only need a second tap to turn the page.

  16. did you read any of that guff before posting the link?


    which bit do you think proves your point?


    Given the mickey mouse courses that enable a kitchen fitter to tamper with electrics, I think you should qualify your post with advice on how to find a suitably qualified and competent person :thumbsup:


    yes, I read the bit about 19 home and leisure fatalitys from electrocution and the 8 deaths from faulty installations and over 2000 fires from same


    As for how to find a suitably qualified and competent electrician I have no idea, I am one so I have never needed one but im sure there will be recomendations on SF somewhere.


    If you want to give advice on how to do something thats your call, I have seen enough faults, poor wiring and connections over the years to make me not give out that advice because as simple as it may be to some others and myself there will be those who don't quite grasp what is required, things I take for granted that the other person my not have or know, getting the wires in the right places is not all there is to it, like being able to test for voltage, ensuring a tight connection (but not too tight), stripping the cable properly and probably half a dozen other things I cant think of but just do.


    besides a photo would not differentiate between the 2 blacks after they have been disconected so while your advice "take a picture" while no doubt well intended would have given the op a 50% chance of connecting the light correctly

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